10 Band Logo Designs for your Printspiration
We write a lot about the importance of logos in branding, and the same can be said regarding band logos. So, what makes for an impressive band logo design? It all comes down to originality, smart design, and the designs personality itself.

From metal and hard rock to hip hop and pop, we look at some of the most impressive logo designs, from new bands to the golden oldies.

Time to be printspired!


Your logo forms the foundation of your brand and brand identity. It is what is seen on all your marketing materials, from your business cards and packaging through to your corporate stationery and social media platforms.

When the consumer views your logo design, they should immediately recognise your business and service/ product offerings.

Designing a logo is not an easy process. It takes strategic thinking, testing, and a professional graphic designer.

Looking to create an effective and eye-catching logo for your company branding? One that will work across all your branding platforms, from print to digital marketing?

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