6 Reasons to Choose Print Marketing

You want your business to remain in the mind of your consumer, this is why marketing is such a vital element of business success. The goal is to place your business in the spotlight – and keep it there.

Print marketing is a powerful and proven way to maintain brand awareness, and here’s why:

People Trust Print

The digital world is certainly influential and should never be ignored when it comes to your marketing. But there is something more trustworthy and secure about holding and physically engaging with tangible, printed materials such as: business cards, brochures, posters, and leaflets.

Digital marketing such as sponsored adverts, re-marketing campaigns, and emailers are great, but often ignored. There is nothing more annoying than spam emailers and pop up banners when you are looking for something specific online!

We are also very easily distracted online, opening multiple tabs and not concentrating all too hard on specific content. Someone will scan your re-marketing banner but quickly be distracted by a LOL Cats video that pops up in their social media feed. This means that the information from your online marketing campaign is not fully consumed and retained by the reader.

Print marketing has the opposite effect…

Print Equals Focus

There is so much going on online. How many times have you found yourself distracted by technology or social media? Look at your computer screen, how many tabs have you got open? How many times have you checked your phone for texts in the last hour? The digital world has opened us up to instant communication and information, and this is not the greatest thing when it comes to marketing.

A printed brochure, or leaflet, that reaches the consumer via direct mail or in-store, will get the focus it deserves. When you pick up a printed piece of material, it has your complete focus. You take time out of your day to read its content, and because of this, you retain the information provided.

You are probably wondering whether millennials born into the digital age would bother to pick up anything print related. The answer? They would…

Print is Popular with Millennials

You may believe that millennials do everything online, but the statistics speak for themselves. For example: magazine that are themed to a certain subject matter, from fitness to fashion, have become increasingly popular for readers aged 18-24.

The bottom line? Millennials appreciate print. Learn more about the facts and stats regarding millennials and print here.

Print Marketing is Personal

Direct mail is the ideal way to launch a targeted print marketing campaign. With information provided by your customers, or potential customers, you are able to deliver your marketing material straight to their doorsteps. This kind of marketing cannot simple be clicked away. It piques our curiosity and makes us look at and concentrate on the content provided. It is more personal, and tangible than any digital marketing campaign.

A powerful way to personalise your direct marketing further is through Variable Data Printing technology. Learn more about Variable Data Printing and the benefits of personalised direct mail here.

Easy, Long-lasting Offers and Specials

How many awesome offers or specials have you seen online? How many times have you clicked away from them, only to never find them again? Social media is fast paced and all of these special offers can easily get lost in the noise of all the other marketing that we are inundated with online.

A brochure, leaflet or poster advertisement is a more tangible and memorable way to put out your exclusive offers to the consumer. As the consumer can hold on to these materials, they can take their time deciding whether to make the purchase. Great ways to entice your audience with an offer is with brochures, leaflets, direct mail, and in-store print advertising.

Multi-channel Marketing

Communicating and interacting with your customer online is one thing, however, they appreciate personal attention (as mentioned previously). Companies that make use of printed materials as well as digital marketing tactics, have a wider, and more loyal customer base.

Learn more about combining your digital marketing with print marketing here.


If you are looking to be noticed, invest time in your  marketing strategy. Combine strategic digital marketing with traditional marketing and your brand will become easily recognisable and trusted.

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Time to get branding!

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