Become a Jetline Franchisee

Franchise Opportunities

Jetline Franchise locations are available throughout Southern Africa and any proposed site will be assessed on its own merits. You are also welcome to suggest any site for consideration if you believe that it presents strategic advantages.

The availability of sites in specific areas as suggested by you or as identified by the franchisor as being of strategic value, will be discussed during your initial interview. Jetline can not predict which sites will be available when your training is complete. For this reason it is also recommended that the franchisee maintain a level of flexibility to allow for the possibility of relocating, should a Jetline Franchise opportunity become available.

Apart from the obvious reasons for NOT approving a site, it should also be noted that no site that can potentially adversely affect an existing franchisee's turnover in the near vicinity will be considered.

What it costs to open a franchise?

The set up costs will vary according to the condition of individual shops and their proposed geographical locations. Estimated building costs have been based on shop units not requiring major construction work. Obviously, undeveloped sites will involve a correspondingly higher outlay and may require an additional property premium. A Jetline business centre is not a "fast-buck franchise" and franchise costs approximately R 875,902 + VAT to establish. You are also unlikely to see a meaningful return on your investment much before 18 months of hard slog having said that, the profit potential after two years is almost limitless with very few constraints on growth.

Financing the business

Common sense has it and experience proves it, that the more money borrowed to finance a new venture, the longer it will take to get off the ground. Borrowings in excess of 30% to 70% own capital contribution simply inhibit growth. You will therefore require a minimum unencumbered cash contribution of R437,951.00 and borrowings of R437,951.00.

Do you have R437,951.00 available in the form of unencumbered cash?

If you do, complete the form below or download the PDF version, fill in, scan and mail back to

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Race: BlackAsianColoredWhiteOther
Do you have R437,951.00 available in the form of unencumbered cash?YesNo
If you answered Yes to the above, please name the assets within which these funds are held and their respective values.