Illustration Graphic Design Trends of 2017

The illustration design world is ever evolving alongside the changing aesthetic preferences of the modern world. We don’t advocate that designers blindly follow these trends, but it is important to keep up with the creative industry.

Here, we unpack some of 2017’s most popular illustration styles.

Hand-drawn Geometric Shapes

Geometric design has been popular for years, but as of late the digital, clinical approach to this design has altered. The geometric illustration has softened due to the incorporation of hand-drawn elements.

What makes these designs so eye-catching is that they make use of mathematic-like patterns and combine this structured look and feel with a youthful, and holistic element.

Because of these opposing elements, the design becomes unique, inviting, and interesting. The viewer is made curious about what the image represents and this is why this kind of design has become so popular. We all want our brand design to be memorable and draw the eye of the consumer right?

Minimal and Flat

Since 2010, flat design has been in the spotlight. Illustrators are constantly creating picture perfect, and increasingly minimal vector art to match this branding trend.

With emphasis on subtraction and reduction in its design, flat and minimal illustrations are able to seamlessly cross cultural and language barriers as they display the subject matter instantly, making the design recognisable worldwide.

Zen and Abstract

Spiritually inspired visuals have become massively popular in the world of graphic design and branding. The designs are hugely influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, and abstract spiritual art. These zen-like illustrations comfort the viewer.

These patterns are relaxing, and offer a sense of relief from the chaotic times we live in.

Tattoo Style

These days most people under the age of 25 have tattoos. It is no longer just reserved for the bikers and rockers of the past. Ink has become increasingly mainstream and acceptable and their designs are becoming more desirable and attractive in the branding, marketing and creative world.

Due to their growing popularity, tattoo designs have successfully crossed over into the world of graphic design and illustration.

Creative Icons

Remember when icons were basic shapes created with just a few pixels? This look and feel has changed over recent years and the resolution of these images has increased dramatically. This is because the modern audience demands more sophisticated, attractive designs.

Illustrators have taken this on and have started to create bold icons full of colour and complexity. These designs still embrace the core purpose of icon design but they add a new interesting aesthetic that draws the eye.

Bright Colours

With designers wanting to add colour to an increasingly dull world, vivid, bright colours have become a must. Vivid illustration and graphic design doesn’t necessarily mean over the top primary colours only, but it does mean mood brightening, eye-catching hues that grab the audience’s attention.

This is an invaluable design technique when it comes to branding. Bright illustrations add an “in your face” pop to any branded material, from brochures to websites and social media posts.


Your graphic design, from your logo to your brand illustration, forms the foundation of your brand identity, working as the visual indicator of your business. When customers and potential customers view your billboardsbusiness cardswebsite, social media marketing platforms and all other marketing materials, they need to instantly recognize your business and service offerings because of this visual identifier.

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