How to stay inspired when designing a logo
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The perfect logo design doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Graphic designers need to stay inspired when creating the perfect logo for a brand. So, where do you look for inspiration without having too many design ideas cluttering your mind?

Tale a look at these suggestions to help get your design inspiration flowing:

Clear your mind through doodling

You may find yourself overthinking a design and there is nothing more frustrating second guessing your design consistently. An effective way to clear your mind of creative anxious clutter is through doodling. As this is an unguided design process, you are sure to experience a sense of inspiration through the process.

There is a possibility you may just end up with a page full of what appears to be random squiggles. But if you look closely, you may find something to spark your imagination, whether it be a random shape or oddly connected lines.

Look beyond your comfort Zone

It is always important to take a look at classic logos, but don’t just stop there. Widen your horizons. Look beyond the world’s most recognisable logos. Investigate designs from other countries and lesser known brands – view design in the wider world.

If you come across a unique design that stands out to you, for whatever reason, leverage off this. Use it as a starting point to jump start the evolution of your design.

Investigate your client’s history

Take a look at some of the logos your client has used since the company was created. This is an interesting task, especially of the business goes back a few years.

You may be inspired by the past, and choose to position the company as a heritage brand. Alternatively, you may decide to completely overhaul the design, propelling the company into modern times. This process will help you build a sense of brand continuity in your design, and help you sell your idea to your client.

Look to the future

Sit down with your client and try to understand their future business goals. Discover what they envisage for their company over the next 5 years, and consider the direction that is imminent. Bear this in mind when designing their logo.

This kind of thinking promises design longevity, basically you need to “future proof” their logo!

Get an outside opinion

Call a friend! A fresh eye can provide you with valuable design insight. Of course you need to get as much information from your client as possible, but it is also beneficial to look at your design with an untainted pair of eyes.

If you have worked on some ideas, present them to a friend who has no connection to the project. Ask them what they think of the design. Sometimes someone’s fresh opinion is just what you need to spark even more inspiration.

Go through your personal design archives

For almost every logo you have designed, you have probably put together a few sketches before you decided on “the one.” Don’t ever throw away your earlier ideas! They can work as a valuable resource for future projects.

Take a look at your older work. You never know, you may find a design that is perfect to nurture and grow.

Always be receptive

Inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time. Always be receptive to the ideas that pop up in your mind’s eye – don’t just dismiss them. Sketch them out as they come to you and take a look at them at a later stage to see if they could work within the parameters of your client’s brief.

Remember, you are at the early stage of your design, so you need to let the creativity flow and take charge. This way, you will have plenty ideas to work with, and can combine the best elements from each to help you start the design process.

Take a break

It is also important to give your mind a break from time to time. If you have designers block and can’t think of any ideas, never try force it.

Give your mind a break and let your brain focus on something else for a little while. Read a book, watch a movie, play a game, or simply take a power nap. Sometimes taking a step back releases a sudden outburst of inspiration.

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Your logo forms the foundation of your brand identity. It is a visual representation that encapsulates your business, becoming the graphic signifier of your company.

When customers and potential customers come across your logo design, they should instantly recognise your business and service offerings.

Designing a logo is not a simple process. It takes strategy, testing, and a professional graphic designer. Logos are not just fonts and icons thrown together, they are the face of your business and need to be taken seriously.

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