Why Company Branding is Key to Business Success

Company branding goes beyond having a memorable logo. A successful brand should increase your company’s value, motivate employees, and help in gaining new clients.

So, what exactly is a brand?

A brand is made up of people’s perceptions of your business, customer service, brand reputation, advertising, and your logo. When these business elements are working cohesively and consistently, a brand becomes trusted and well-recognised.

Below are just a few reasons company branding should be a priority for any business:

Company Branding leads to greater recognition

We all know that one of the most vital elements of branding is the logo. Think about this in terms of globally recognisable brands. We all know the golden arches of McDonald’s and the simple swoosh of Nike. As soon as we see those logos, we know what they represent.

Your logo is essentially the face of your business, after all, it will be on every single piece of marketing and communication material. A professionally designed logo will be memorable, simple, and powerful enough to project the desired impression of your company.

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Company Branding builds trust

A professional brand appearance builds credibility and trust. Seeing a business represented cohesively, and consistently, triggers an emotional reaction in the audience and this is a very powerful influencer in purchase decision.

You see, consumers would rather purchase products or services from a business that appears well put together, and polished because this makes a business seem legitimate.

Company Branding supports advertising

Another component that makes up your brand is advertising.

Once you understand the message you want your brand to express (which should be projected in your visuals, logo, tone of voice, and company colours), you will have the foundation to build powerful advertising campaigns which in turn, support your brand and brand message.

Company Branding creates financial value

Businesses who trade publicly on a stock exchange are valued higher than the actual hard assets of the company. Most of this value is based on the company’s branding because a powerful brand is what promises future business.

Being perceived as more valuable will make being able to borrow funds for expansion that much easier at it makes the process advantageous for the investors.

The greater a company’s devotion to brand building, the higher their value and the better their financial return!

Company Branding motivates employees

Employees need to be able to work toward something, the don’t just want stagnant work with no vision. When they understand your business mission, they share in that mission and business pride – and will work to achieve the same goals you have set out for your business.

Company Branding brings new customers

Good branding allows your business to get referrals. Think about it, you are only able to tell your friends about an awesome new clothing store because you can remember the stores branding.

Word of mouth is the most profitable form of advertising, and can only be made possible when your business has delivered a memorable experience for your customer – in all aspects, from customer service to well branded product offerings.

In conclusion:

The most profitable businesses have on thing in common: they have established themselves as leaders in their industry, and this has been made possible because of strong, strategic branding.





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