3 Tips to Better your Cross-media Direct Mail Campaign

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Tips to better your cross-media direct mail

We live in the digital age, and every business has an online presence. Today’s consumer consistently comes across digital campaigns, from social media sponsored adverts to digital banners. Consider the amount of online information you are inundated with every single day; this number is immense! This is why we actually spend less than 30 seconds looking at an online advert, and in some cases, people become blind to these online campaigns (this is referred to as “digital banner blindness.”)

Because of this, traditional marketing has become vital, particularly direct mail. For a business to keep ahead of the competition they need to make use of both digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Direct mail is one of the most powerful traditional marketing tools and can be used to drive brand awareness and sales effectively.

As a leading printing company, we have put together 3 tips to help you better your direct mail campaign, turning it into a successful cross-media campaign:

Consider the Length of your Copy Carefully

It is important to get the length of your copy right, specifically if the reason for your campaign is to make a specific sale. When it comes to getting customers to visit your website, you want the direct mail information to be quick and easy to digest. The most effective direct mail materials for this are postcards, or small brochures.

Whatever the print material you choose to send via direct mail, make sure it is limited in size and easy to read (don’t go over the top with complicated typography here!) The idea is to pique the curiosity of the reader, getting them to visit your website or social media pages for more information and to make that purchase! By directing your reader online, your ability to track your campaign is also made easier.

Remember: too much content is overkill, you definitely don’t need a 10-page newsletter to drive your potential consumer online. Make sure that your copy matches your call to action effectively. If your CTA requires your prospect spend a lot of money, you better make sure your direct mail copy gives them justification and incentive to do so.

But, if your goal is to simply drive your potential client online to learn more about your business, you definitely don’t need a lot of copy. If anything, a quick, personalised two sentenced postcard can do the trick easily! Just make sure your design is eye-catching, and your brand message is easily identifiable through smart content.

Provide Several Call to Actions

Let’s be honest, people don’t read your sales pitch with the care you hope they would. In a lot of cases, they will scan the content and go back and forth looking at the content. They can easily miss important details such as the CTA to visit a specific website. It is important to consider this when designing your campaign.

For example: If you are mailing a postcard to drive potential clients online, don’t just mention your web address once. Make sure that you mention it a few times – place the CTA and URL at least ONCE on each side of the card.

Don’t just assume that your potential client will look for and find your CTA. Your job is to make finding the CTA simple! Make it very clear by placing it on your printed material a number of times.

Make them Want to Learn More

Marketers often try to cram too many details about their service or product in the postcard or marketing material that is used to drive potential customers online.

Never attempt to blatantly “sell” with your postcard or your chosen printed material. Rather, sell the potential client on the IDEA of your service or product. Intrigue them to learn more and find out if you really can provide them with something that will enhance their life or solves a particular problem.

If your direct mail content makes them excited about possibilities, then they will certainly visit your website or social media platforms for the full story. Remember that your primary goal is to get prospects to your online sales funnel so they can take the next step in the purchase process.

In Summary:

Make the point of the direct mail campaign to get your potential customers online. Don’t try to blatantly sell your service or product, that is phase two in your direct mail cross-media campaign.


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