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Creative annual reports

Your annual reports don’t need to be a boring document! From innovative printing company technology to creative infographics and colourful design, annual reports no longer need to be dull documents.

Take a look at these creative annual reports… it is time to printspired!

Clear Media

Designed by Phoenix Communications, the report was themed “Our Space, Your Stage

In 2014 Clear Media created this eye-catching laser cut annual report. In fact, the company won a Red Dot design award for this creative communications design.

The report is strategically designed to guide the reader through a bold, colourful journey of the company’s vision and values. The report was made up of different panels, each showing a stage for client marketing opportunities.

The cover was finished with an acrylic film, and once closed the report laser cut imagery merged into one stunning image.

Printing Company laser cut technology is an excellent way to make your annual report stand out. Your design opportunities in this regard, are endless.


This annual report won the 2016 iF design award for Communication

Kuoni is one of Switzerland’s biggest travel agencies. And the company definitely isn’t boring when it comes to their annual reports. As a travel company, the brand has the freedom to get super creative with awesome travel themes.

Kuoni released this beautifully bound annual report from their printing company, which was essentially an illustrated book. The annual report outlined what the company went through in 2014 through creative, eye-catching imagery. A simple printed, and bound book – the design content of the annual report turned a simple design into a work of art.

Adris Group

This annual report was designed by advertising agency Bruketa&Žinić OM

Adris Group has a reputation for achieving growth, and with this in mind, it is only logical that a single annual report would not be enough for the ever-expanding organisation. In 2014 the company expanded monumentally, and this was reflected in its tiered business roundup for 2015.

Four books made up Adris Group’s annual report, one for Adris in its entirety, and the other three for the successful business the Group had developed. The printed books were linked to each other with an insurance plate, slotting through different volumes – creatively tying together all of the company’s assets.


Ivity Brand Corp created this bold, dynamic report

Sonae is one of the biggest retail groups in Portugal, and placed great importance on its executive reports. The designers at Ivity Brand Corp took on the challenge to create the perfect annual report for the retail group in 2012. The designers focused on the organisations graphic mantras – which are circles. The graphic designers also tapped into what the retail business is all about, i.e. “emotion” and human connection, and this is where the idea for adding interlocking cogs and gears to the design came to being.

With a strategy in place, the designers created an annual report that represents everything the company stands for.

Banques Alimentaires Quebec

Engaging, Interactive, and Eye-catching Annual Report

Giving boring, dull data a creative punch, Banques alimentaires Quebec, a foodbank network, created an annual report with tin can labels that unrolled to reveal the annual report information.

The annual report was presented as a tin can, a symbol of food donation and the perfect visual for the business. The label unrolled, revealing information printed in a powerful contrasting black and yellow. The report was eye-catching, interactive and engaging – and most importantly, it was read – everything that you want from an annual report.

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Annual reports are a must-have for every business.

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Time to get creative with your Annual Reports!

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