5 tips to help you make the most of your print marketing

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5 Tips to help you make the most of your print marketing

In this day and age, and as mentioned in previous articles, it is imperative to invest in a multimedia or cross marketing strategy. This includes both traditional and digital marketing techniques. From brochures to direct mail campaigns, you need to make your print marketing count. To ensure that you maximize your print marketing campaigns, we have put together 5 tips to help you with your print marketing strategy.

Work with a professional print designer and print marketing company

When it comes to print design, you should always approach a professional print designer. Your brand needs to project credibility, and you need to make sure that what you send to the public looks polished and professional. You don’t want your audience learning about your brand through a flimsy, badly designed brochure.

Print design is intricate and specialised. Print professionals will ensure all elements of your design is suited to print, from CMYK colour to page bleeds. Invest in an experienced print graphic designer who understands what you want to achieve from your campaign, and who has a fully rounded understanding of your brand identity – and how to translate all of this through print.

Learn some important print marketing and printing jargon

Above, we mentioned CMYK and the page bleed. If you are not familiar with print or design, you don’t know what these terms mean. A professional printing company and print designer will take you through the entire process, and explain anything that you don’t understand.

It is easy to just nod when a designer tells you to choose a silk varnish for your print finishing, but you should know what this actually is. After all, this is your business and brand. Try to learn more, ask the right questions, and expand your knowledge on the intricacies of print.

Always understand your audience

Knowing and understanding the persona/s of your target market means you will be able to advertise to them more effectively. Consider their age, gender, interests, location, etc. Ask yourself what your audience would respond well to, whether it be a personalised direct mail marketing campaign or a straight to the point printed brochure/catalogue?

Learn more about personalised print campaigns and how they help engage your audience one on one here.

Consider time limits carefully

When it comes to digital marketing, you can constantly remind your audience of your campaign. You can set up email automation, reminders and notifications. However, with print you want to make an instant impact with a strong call to action. You want people to react quickly to print campaigns as opposed to digital campaigns.

To track your print marketing, you want a quick turnaround time. This can be done by offering time dependent specials, making your audience act quickly. Your potential customers should react to your campaign/ discount/ offering within a certain time period. This time limit will make the success of the campaign easier to track, and make it easier to assess, helping you strategies future print campaigns.

Cross-channel marketing matters

As mentioned previously, you need to invest in multichannel marketing. It is not just traditional or digital marketing anymore – it is both! You have to allow organic motions between both forms of marketing. This means that you need to make it easy for your print campaigns to reach your online presence and vice versa.

If you are advertising a campaign through brochures or direct mail, you should send people to your website or social media channels. This will allow you to track your efforts even more, and you can see who has taken action from your print materials.

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