Creative Ideas for your Business Card Design

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Creative ideas for your business cards design

Are you a creative business that prides itself on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking? This creativity should be expressed in all aspects of your marketing, particularly your business card design.

Give your business card design the wow-factor:

Below are some tips to help you with business card design inspiration.


Illustrations can take a standard business card and transform it into a quirky, unforgettable piece of art – art that fits comfortably in a wallet! Who wants to discard of art? Adding a unique illustration to your business card will encourage people to hold onto your contact details.

Examples of illustration in business card design for your printspiration:

Shapely Design

There is no rule that says business cards need to be rectangular. If you want to guarantee a memorable business card, get shapely. A smart way to create a unique business card design is to take advantage of die-cutting. Die-cutting technology in printing cuts out elements of card stock, changing the shape to your design specifications.

Examples of Shapes in business card design for your printspiration:

Have Fun with it

Make your business card interactive! We are all kids at heart, aren’t we? And we also like to keep ourselves distracted through some sort of play. As human beings, we have an innate need for tactile experiences. Give your business card a movable tab, make it foldable, make it buildable! Get creative and have fun with it!

Examples of interactive business card design for your printspiration:

Make it Comedic

Does your business personality embrace a sense of humor or quirkiness? If so, why not add some comedic detail to your business card design? Just remember that it is important to be original and careful when taking this route. The worst thing you can do is hand out a business card that is a blatant rip-off or a card that is offensive in some way.

Test your idea before jumping into it. Get a few cards printed and ask your friends, family, and close clients for their opinion. If there is any doubt, move on. A card with an illustration perhaps?

Examples of humorous business card design for your printspiration:

Add a Photo

If you look through the stack of business cards you have accumulated, are you able to remember the people who gave them to you? Probably not. So why not make sure that you are remembered? Add a photo of yourself to your business card. Not only does this offer a chance to get creative, it will make you memorable. Business cards are for networking purposes, and making sire you and your business are remembered is the ultimate networking goal!

Examples of photos in business card design for your printspiration:

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