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Offiline Marketing Matters

The printed word is a powerful marketing tool. It offers tactile interaction and engaging information, ensuring the content is retained by the reader. This, opposed to the vague, fleeting messages of television, radio and online posts, makes print a successful marketing tool.

With print marketing such as brochures and business cards, you have the opportunity to engage your audience, explain your service offerings and express the benefits your business promises. As a leading printing company we know that this can all be done in a creative, eye-catching way, helping you distinguish your brand in the over-saturated digital space.

When a customer or potential customer engages with one of your print marketing materials, they are making a decision to learn more about your company. This means that they concentrate on the content, retaining the provided information. This leads to conversion, customer loyalty and new customers.

Tips from your trusted printing company to enhance your marketing:

Be a Mobile Billboard with Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding, from vehicle stickers and magnets through to full vehicle wrapping, can be suited to any budget. You can reach thousands of potential clients by simply taking to the road.

Throughout the years this marketing platform has boomed in popularity. We spend more time on the road than ever before and branding specialists have seen this as the perfect marketing opportunity. Vehicle branding has become one of the most valuable promotional tools in the marketers arsenal.

Provide Eye-Catching Information

Be pro-active in your marketing. By handing out informative brochures, pamphlets and newsletters, you are certain to engage your clients. These print materials provide the space for presenting your information quickly and remind your client of your brand and brand offerings. You can hand these out strategically, in certain locations you would like to target. You are also able to send these through direct mail marketing campaigns, in-store as well as trade shows.

It is imperative that these print materials are in-line with your brand and effortlessly tell your brands story. Make sure to include your logo, brand colours, social media handles, website and contact details.

Gain Trade Show Exposure

If you want to grow your business network, it is important that you participate in expos and trade shows. By booking a booth and ensuring that your display stand is eye-catching and memorable guarantees you will reach potential customers. There are a variety of print options you can make use of at expos, from a-frames and banners to cluster flags and gazebos – all personalised and suited to your brand identity.

By creating a booth that is inviting, well branded, and informative, your business will stay with attendees long after the expo is over.

Network. Network. Network.

Your business card is imperative. It is the first introduction to your brand and should quickly reflect all that it stands for.

No one expects your business card to tell your entire story in one go, but it should promote the image you want to portray. Make sure your card stands out.

Communicate through Personalised Direct Mail

Sending your customers personalised birthday and holiday cards is a great way to encourage them to promote your brand. Variable Data Printing technology can change graphics, text and any visuals from one printed piece to the next without slowing down the printing process. Personalised lettering can be created with the same basic layout but printed with a different address, name, and image on each!

Personalising your direct mail gives you the opportunity to connect ‘one on one’ with your clients. It is more than just changing a name and address – there are many ways to make use of this technology. Today we are able to take personalisation to the next level, reflecting a clients individual values and interests.

The goal is to add value by relating to your client on a personal level. This builds trust and loyalty which opens up communication.

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