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Print campaign design

Before you implement your print campaign, whether you are creating brochures or lining the highway with billboards, you need to create an effective design. A design that distinguishes you from your competition and attracts the attention of potential clients.

Printing Company Tips

Take a look at these tips from the Jetline printing company professionals to help you in your print marketing efforts.

Identify your Key Message

To put together a successful print marketing campaign design, you need to have a clear understanding of your business message. You need to be acutely aware of what information you want to share with your target market.

Once this has been clearly identified, define the single message and purpose of each print platform you plan to use.

Quality Logo Design

This may sound pretty obvious, but many companies make the mistake of sending through old logos for print. Logos that are heavily pixilated and unable to be properly sized will not work. If you feel like your current logo isn’t up to scratch, work with a professional graphic designer to guarantee your design is ready to go to your printing company.

Remember, your logo is the face of your brand. It is a way for your target market to familiarise themselves with your business and recognise it in the future. It is this recognition that builds trust. And with trust comes customer retention.

Colour your Brand

Your brand colours are a critical component for building brand identity. Again, this may seem obvious, but the bottom line is that it is vital to a successful campaign. Your print marketing materials need to be in-line with your logo and logo colours.

It is this cohesive brand representation that establishes a sense of trust with your target market, providing them with the tools to recognise your brand in the future.

Design Size and Scale

Always consider the size of your design for your print marketing materials. Graphics and images used for print purposes require a higher Dots per Inch (DPI). This is why it is vital to use only the highest quality graphics, vectors and photographs.

Font Uniformity

The importance of your brands typography cannot be ignored.

Just like your logo and colour scheme, your font needs to be kept uniform across all marketing and communication channels. This establishes a cohesive and easily recognisable brand identity.

Paragraphs and Graphics

Graphics in vector form have become hugely popular in the marketing and design industry. This kind of graphic design displays a sense of modernity to your marketing materials, and adds a fun element to the design.

Using photographs of products, people or objects, you can quickly set the tone of your marketing message. Again, this goes back to understanding the precise message you want to get across to your target market.

Offer Incentive

Give your target market an incentive to contact you. Try to incorporate a fun give-away content into your print communication platforms. Keep this competition cohesive across all mediums.

This is a great way to build awareness, generate interest and optimise your business potential!

Clear Call to Action

What is the point of implementing a marketing campaign without having a clear Call to Action?

By having a visually appealing and strategically placed CTA in your design, you generate leads and begin to engage with current and potential clients. Call to Action is key!

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