The Importance of Branded Corporate Stationery and Signage

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The importance of corporate stationery

There is nothing more frustrating than aimlessly driving around an office park searching for a business that has no noticeable signage. Oh wait, there may be. That is, finally finding the office and being greeted with white walls, dull blinds and messy cubicles. When you step into an office you expect a certain level of professionalism. Would you trust an unbranded company? A company without corporate stationery or signage?

When developing a business it is easy to forget the impact of well-designed signage and corporate stationery. These ‘little touches’ are what leave an impression. By having consistent branding as well as customised stationery, you are showing your clients that you have established a well-rounded corporate identity and are a legitimate business.

The Importance of Visual Identity

Sitting on your desk is a pile of awkwardly stacked papers which need your immediate attention. But where do you start? Which envelopes do you open first? Will you reach for the plain white envelope that could easily be spam mail or will you reach for the branded envelope that offers insight into its content?

By ensuring all your business stationery such as your business cards, note pads, envelopes, proposals and annual reports are uniform, you gain instant credibility. The fact that you invest time and money into the Corporate Identity and branding of your company conveys business longevity. This level of professionalism never goes unnoticed.

Below are three important visual identity tips to take into consideration:

  • Be Different: In today’s over-saturated market, your business needs to have a reason for ‘being.’ You need to show customers what sets you apart from your competitors. Create an eye-catching logo that sums up your business identity, is easily recognisable and unlike your competitors. This will get you noticed and build brand awareness.
  • Be Coherent: To guarantee credibility with your customers and potential customers, your brand must be cohesive in everything you say and do. All marketing communications and materials, all brand experiences, and all of the product delivery need to link together uniformly.
  • Build Reputation and Esteem: If your brand is differentiated, uniform, and coherent, it will be valued both by external and internal audiences.

Branded Communication and Visual Identity

When you have a comprehensive and broadly built graphic identity, it creates a foundation for a rock solid brand identity.

Your company communication should always be branded and in-line with your corporate identity. Every time a client or potential client received one of your strategies, proposals, or letters, they should immediately be greeted by your logo and company colours.

Establishing a strong visual identity is pertinent to business success. Your company’s visual identity is your overall business image. This sites the tone in the mind of consumers, investors and employees.

Visual Identity: Networking and Marketing

Establishing trust is vital to maintaining clients and gaining new customers. Corporate stationery immediately establishes your company as professional and dependable. Professional corporate stationery communicates to your clients that you are a legitimate business, willing to go the extra mile to achieve success and deliver results.

When communicating with other business, corporate stationery is the first thing they will notice. It is important to attend every meeting with your business card on hand, and customised stationery that is in-line with your brand. This depicts your business as trustworthy. High quality corporate stationery and branding is the face of your business. It is your introduction and should represent your company positively.

If you want to keep your business in the forefront of the consumers mind, you need to invest in business stationery as a marketing tool. From business cards and letterheads, to envelopes and folders. This way, your business is consistently being marketed in a non-intrusive manner.

Customer corporate stationery is the best way to express your corporate identity and level of professionalism. Don’t let your client walk into a dull, unbranded space. Leave an impression with awesome corporate stationery and signage.

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