Perspex Cut-Outs

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Whether you need your logo or lettering cut from coloured Perspex, or would like your logo (or anything else) printed onto Perspex in full colour, and then cut out, Jetline is able to assist.

Elegantly mounted Perspex lettering is often used in retail environments, especially in department stores and supermarkets, to highlight the various sections in the store. Perspex cutouts can often be seen above the door of stores in shopping centres, sometimes in combination with special lighting. Coloured LED strips mounted on the sides of clear Perspex gives a very cool “neon” effect.

Perspex cutouts can also be used to great effect on exhibition stands at trade or consumer shows.

Whether you would like huge letters cut for a window display, or would like to highlight your sales racks with a cute cutout, or simply want your logo and store name to look sophisticated, Perspex cut-outs should be your first consideration.
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