The Anatomy of a Brochure: Printing Company Tips

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The anatomy of a brochure

As a professional brochure printing company, we know that when it comes to creating an eye-catching and effective brochure, you need to understand the ins and outs of this powerful marketing tool. Here, we take a look at every element of the brochure, giving you the chance to strategies your content and visuals, ensuring only the ultimate end result.

The Front Cover

The front cover is the calling card of your brochure. It needs to grab the attention of your audience and let them know exactly what your business message is. The cover creates a connection with the viewer, encouraging them to open your brochure and learn more.

Obviously, you need to take your audience, industry, and corporate identity into account when designing your front cover. What are your brand colours, what is the core message, and what is the purpose of your brochure?

There are many ways to ensure your brochure front cover stands out. Geographic shapes, die-cutting, and embossing add a touch of style to any design. They create something visually appealing, incentivising the viewer to look inside. Work with an experienced graphic design and printing company to gain a better understanding of these printing techniques, and what would work best for your brand.

The Brochure Flap

The inside front cover, known as the ‘flap,’ is your opportunity to grab the readers attention. Now is your chance to capitalise on your eye-catching front cover by pulling the reader into the content of your brochure. For instance, if your goal is to raise awareness about a specific service or product, this is the space to briefly summarise this.

This is also the place to add your brochure index, quickly guiding your viewer to the content that they are interested in.

By using powerful images or colours in this space, and by adding easy to read text, you encourage further reading.

Brochure Content

Your content pages purpose is the be as informative and clear as possible. Now that you have captured the attention of the reader, it is time to create brand awareness.

The pages that lie between the front cover and back panel are where you engage with the reader on an emotional level. This is where you drive the message home.

Brochures are created for a variety of reasons, to increase awareness, drive sales, or encourage continued business. Once you understand the precise purpose of your brochure, you gain a greater understanding of the contents hierarchy.

This comes down to strategy. You need to identify what information you want to showcase on each page of your brochure. Much like websites are made up of Home, About Us, and Contact Us pages, your brochure needs to be well structured. This makes it easy for the reader to navigate the information.

Remove any data that is unnecessary and doesn’t add value to your marketing material.

The Back Cover

Contact details to be added to back covers

Once your reader has made their way through your brochure, it is time to hit them with a powerful Call to Action (CTA). The last page, or back cover, is often referred to as the “wallet.” This is because the back page is the ideal place to ask the reader for their business.

Your brochure has captured attention, delivered value, and now you have earned permission to call the reader to action.

Some CTAs to consider for the back of your brochure:

  • Prompt the reader to us a QR code or reference number to gain discounts on certain products or services
  • Ask the reader to like or follow your social media platforms
  • Ask the reader to email you or call you directly
  • Give the reader a discount or freebie if they visit your store with the brochure

The Lips

The lips are vital for continuing the conversation with your reader. This is the section of your brochure that lists your company details. This section should never be neglected.

What to include on your brochure lips:

  • Email address/ several email addresses depending on your business offerings
  • Contact number/ several contact numbers depending on your business offerings
  • Provide an incentive, something as simple as: “For a free consultation call us now!”

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Brochures are one of the most effective marketing tools. This tangible interaction has the power to create a strong connection with clients and potential clients alike. If you are interested in creating effective brochures for your company, they need to reflect your business message and brand, tell your story, and draw the eye.

It is vital that you work with an experienced branding company and printing company to help you create a brochure that will convert.
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