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Make your business card count

Business cards are a vital part of any successful marketing and networking campaign. Your business cards are the first introduction to your brand. They should quickly reflect all that your business represents. Your business card should promote the image you want to portray to your clients and potential clients.

Whether your business is a digital agency projecting a brand of creativity, or a PR Firm with strict corporate ideologies, your business cards need to embrace this identity.

The Jetline graphic design and printing experts have put together 4 different business card styles to assist you in your marketing journey.

Take a look below and get printspired!

Back to Basics

A simple business card is printed in black and white ink, on a classic cream or white stock paper. This is a clear and concise design choice. Black and white printed business cards may not be as eye-catching as colourful, intricate cards, however they do project a sense of professionalism and class. A basic business card signifies a no-nonsense approach to business and speaks to clients who want to see results and clients who are not impressed by flashy design.

This kind of business card is popular with lawyers, architects, dentists and doctors. However, we have seen this basic design grow in popularity in the design industry. The black text on a white background can be used to create imaginative design that plays on positive and negative space. Just because your card is printed in black and white does not mean it has to be dull and boring. Consult with an expert graphic designer and printing company to create the ultimate business card for your company!

Picture Perfect

Having your picture displayed on your business cards, whether it be a photograph, caricature, or illustration, helps clients remember your face and name. This kind of design is usually used by real estate agents as it helps clients put a face to a name. Digital and social media agencies have also taken a liking to this design, putting a quirky spin on it.

Having a picture of your product on your business card is just as effective. A single image is able to represent your business more than words. Visuals add a refreshing splash of colour to your card, making it stand out in your client’s haphazard business card collection.


Getting Tactile

Tactile business cards are created using non-standard materials and incorporate unconventional designs. These cards are often made from unique paper stock and cut into a variety of styles and shapes.

Tactile cards certainly leave an impression and make the viewer look twice, cementing your business in their memory. Other materials that have a great impact in regards to tactile design include: metal and wood.


Thinking Outside-the-Box

Does your business pride itself on innovation and creativity? Do you sell yourself as an out of the box thinker that delivers results? If this is who you are, and what you represent, it is vital that your business cards express the same ideal.

Design an original, eye-catching, or pop culture related business card. For example: if you are a storage company, why not create a business card that fold into a small box, and is capable of holding small office supplies?


Jetline: Professional Printing Company South Africa

Much like choosing the outfit you wear to that big business meeting, choose a style for your business card that is appropriate to your industry, client base, and brand personality.

At Jetline we understand and appreciate the importance of business cards. We have put together business card pricing and business card promotions to suit all budgets. Our team work with you to ensure the ultimate end result. From design to delivery, we are the printing company for you.

Contact your closest Jetline branch today for more information on business card prices and business card specials.

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