The Importance of Printing Photos in the Digital Age: Photobooks

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The importance of printing photos

We live in the digital age, and most people are inclined to archive their photos digitally. However, printing photographs and creatively storing them in gorgeous photobooks or on canvas, is a much more intimate way to hold on to your memories.

Why it is important to print photobooks and photographs

Curate a smaller, more meaningful collection of memories

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How many photographs do you have on your phone? How many have you posted online? Hard to even think of a number, right? We have so many photographs, we wouldn’t even know where to begin when archiving them online. The best thing about printing your photographs, be it in a photobook, or single print, is that you can whittle down your photo selection and print the most important ones.

Jpgs can deteriorate over time

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Over time, as you duplicate and open your files, move them from device to device, the quality of your image (most likely saved in a jpg format) will lose its quality. Print it while its in its prime, and of the highest quality. No pixilation here!

Technology can fail

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Even if you have a brand new and technologically advanced laptop, smartphone, or PC, it can still fail. Anything can become damaged at any time. Your hard drive could become corrupt, you may drop your external hard drive, or it may just become too expensive to maintain when your images reach a large size.

Backups of backups are of course good practice, but why not print those photos for even more backup?

Edit photos to print perfection

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We all have our own style and aesthetic. This is why Instagram is such a popular tool for photo sharing. The filters make it fun and allow you the opportunity to express your style. If you want to bring this aesthetic to life, you can add these filters and edit your photos perfectly online before sending them to print. This personalised touch will make your memories that much more magical.

Give a heartfelt gift

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From gorgeous canvas prints, to personalised photobooks, creating a stunning gift for a loved one is easy. These are gifts that will be cherished. The thought, effort, and personalisation that goes into this gift will not go unnoticed – plus, its fulfilling to create this for a loved one!

Jetline Photographic Solutions: Canvas Prints to Personalised Photobooks

Looking for a way to beautifully present and preserve your photographs?

We provide a variety of advanced photographic print solutions, from block mounts and canvas prints to personalised photobooks, we offer it all.

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