10 Reasons Billboards are Marketing Brilliance: Billboard Printing

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Reasons billboards are marketing brillance

Billboard marketing gives brands the opportunity to think outside of the box. This is what sets this kind of outdoor advertising apart as one of the most successful marketing platforms of all time. Incredibly dominant, and strategic in their placement, billboards have the power to take a business to new heights.

Here are just a few reasons why billboards are pure marketing brilliance.

There is No Escaping Billboards!

Did you know that most of us spend an average of 15 hours a week in a vehicle? This is a lot of time on the road! With this in mind, how can we possibly escape or ignore billboard advertising? We have to take to the roads daily, and when we are stuck in peak hour traffic, we need something to look at. This is when billboards become a powerful marketing tool.

If you think about it, some of the worlds most recognised and respected brands follow us wherever we go. How many times have you seen an awesome Nike. McDonald’s, or Coca-Cola billboard?

Big brands have taken to billboard marketing for good reason. This is: continued, inescapable brand awareness.

Economical and Cost Effective

Billboard marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing in the industry. Most billboards, outdoor banners, and flags actually cost less than a Rand per person who sees your advert.

No other marketing medium can compare to this. The Return on Investment is huge, and the brand awareness created is massive!

Return on Investment

With the above in mind, billboards provide a higher return on investment, increase brand awareness, and increase market share and sales.

Creative Freedom

Billboards have space for creativity. Printing companies and graphic designers are now putting together billboard campaigns that seem to defy the laws of nature. This is done by adding lights to the print design, or making the billboard engage with the space around it, or making use of visual tricks.

Outdoor and print marketing is about stirring emotion in the viewer and making sure a particular message stays in the mind of the audience. This connects them to your brand, building loyalty, trust, and of course, sales.

All types of outdoor print marketing including: roller banners, building wraps, and cluster flags, can be designed to interact with any space. This is why it is important to work with a professional graphic designer and printing company. They provide the advice you need to create a successful outdoor print marketing campaign.

Forward Thinking

Billboard marketing is continually evolving and embracing new technology. With the use of light boxes, outdoor advertising has become even more powerful. Take a look at this McDonald’s advert that takes advantage of space and lighting.

How is this for printspiration?

Continuous Brand Exposure

Outdoor marketing is consistently available to the consumer and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want brand awareness, this is how you get brand awareness.

Location, Location, Location

Strategic placement of billboard marketing is key. Where is your target market? Where are they travelling on the roads?

This kind of target marketing is every marketers dream. Do your research and pass your brand message on to the right people, in the right place, at any time!

Make an Impact

Go big or go home! Billboard marketing makes a massive impact and draws the eye of the audience effortlessly. This, as opposed to digital banners that are ignored by the consumer, gives your brand a marketing edge.

Impulse Purchasing

Even with today’s e-commerce stores, consumers still enjoy heading to shopping centers for the social experience. Because of this, a substantial amount of buying takes place on the way home from the office, be it department store shopping or grocery shopping.

So, when your target market is on the way to the store after work, and sees your billboard, your products just may be added to their shopping list.

High Frequency

Repetition and high frequency marketing is key to advertising success. By associating your brand with a specific area on the highway or roads, you are taking up space in the mind’s eye of your consumer. When they need to contact someone who offers your particular service. you will be the first brand they recall because of consistent exposure.

Brand awareness at its finest.

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