Combining Social Media and Direct Mail Marketing

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Combining social media and direct mail marketing

When you think about social media, the last thing you associate it with is direct mail marketing. These two marketing tools seem to exist in two separate worlds. But when combined, they form a powerful marketing team. Social media marketing is the perfect platform to enhance a direct mail campaign, while direct mail campaigns can be used to enhance your social media efforts.

When these two marketing tactics co-exist, they can boost your marketing effectiveness and offer valuable insight into your target market.

Direct Mail meets Social Media

Today, we are surrounded by digital clutter and it is difficult for a business to stand out online. Therefore, direct mail has the power to boost social media efforts.

A business can get their content to their target audience through cross promotions, creating anticipation. This can be done, for example, by counting down a product launch on your Facebook page and sending out emailers and brochures only once the product has gone into the stores.

To get your target market to follow your social media business pages through print marketing you can add a QR code to the printed material. This links the audience directly to your social pages, providing them with a swift Call to Action.

Enhance Direct Mail through Social Analytics

Social Media can certainly build a company’s message and brand identity and it can also gather customer data. The latter is incredibly useful. By analysing the information provided by social analytics, businesses can better understand their audience and this leads to a more targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

Looking at your audiences’ topics of interest, demographics and click through data provided by social analytics allows for a more segmented audience. You have a deeper understanding of your customer and what they are interested in what will grab their attention. Using this information helps businesses send the right message at the right time to the right consumer.

Let’s get Strategic

Creating a cohesive direct mail and social media marketing strategy can serve your company in many ways.

Here are just a few examples:

Time to get Personal

Thanks to social media analytics, you can gather information on the age, interests and locations of your followers. Taking this information allows you to send personalised and bespoke direct mail to each of your clients. Your direct mail campaign can speak to the specific audience segment you are targeting and you can offer promotions to this chosen audience.

Don’t forget you can personalise your direct mail further by using Variable Data Printing. This allows you to personalise each mail to the recipient without interfering with the printing process.

Events and Functions

Social media provides a quick opportunity to communicate important information in regards to events. However, due to the amount of information the consumer receives online, it is easy for them to forget this information. Print marketing, particularly direct mail marketing, has been proven to be more memorable. This is because the audience interacts with the content on a tactile level.

Leverage off both the instant information benefits of social media and the emotive benefits of print marketing. Social media platforms can quickly connect your audience to mailers and brochures and vise versa. Announce the event on social media, collect your audiences information and send them content rich, personalised direct mail to get them to your event.


Geo-targeting is one of the most beneficial aspects of social media analyses. You can measure ads to see which locations they work best in and decide what areas to focus your direct mail efforts on.

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