The Psychology behind Typography: Graphic Design and Branding

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The psychology behind typography

We have written extensively about the psychology of colour when it comes to branding, print design, and marketing. However, many are unaware of the significant role typography plays in the branding process. Fonts have the ability to elicit emotions, associations and feelings. This is why choosing the correct typeface for your brand is essential.

When you begin branding your business, it is important to work alongside an experienced branding company. A professional company will guide you on the journey toward brand excellence.

A strategic font has the power to build a brand, draw the eye of the consumer, and promote brand association and brand awareness. Much like your colour scheme and logo, your typography needs to be kept cohesive across all your communication platforms. This establishes a streamlined and easily identifiable brand identity.

By investing time in choosing the right typeface for your brand, you deliver your message effectively, and help bridge the gap regarding your marketing materials and graphic designs. Before you choose what typography is right for your brand, you must fully comprehend what message you want to get across as a business. Once this has been identified you will be able to concentrate on the science and art of your brand design.

What to remember when sourcing the font for your business:

It is vital to keep your target market and business message in mind choosing your font.

Every font has its very own personality. Think about it like this: you would not want to choose a whimsical and playful font if you are a law firm.

Typography elicits emotions, and using the right font for your brand will bring up that particular emotion with your audience. This is a powerful marketing tool.

This may sound obvious, but it is often overlooked. Don’t forget about readability! An example of this would be lavish script fonts. These work well as headers or on an invitation, but making use of this font in the body of a brochure or webpage will make the content overwhelming and difficult to read.

To help you find the ideal font for portraying your brand message, take a look at these popular typefaces:

Sans Serif and Serif Typography

Sans Serif Font

This typeface elicits emotions of steadiness and stability with the use of Calibri, Helvetica Bold, Arial and Myriad Italic. It can also represent objectivity when used with Century Gothic or Franklin Gothic, and represents cleanliness when used as Verdana or Calibri.

Serif Font

This typeface provides a sense of familiarity, trust and is relatable. This is especially true when used with Times New Roman or Baskerville. It can express respect and authority when used as Georgia or Trajan.

Slab Serif Font

This typography denotes boldness and power when used as Rockwell and Courier. If you are a modern company and want to portray this in your brand, using Slab Serif font as Bevan or Claredon is ideal.

Display Font

A display type is able to preview a mood or set a tone. They can however, sacrifice the legibility of the text due to more expressive detail.

Before delving into the psychology of display fonts, make sure it is readable. This typeface expresses creativity with Valencia, while representing a uniqueness with Space-age Round. It can also denote quirkiness, especially when used with Giddyup.

Script Font

Script font can express a variety of emotions such as affection, particularly when used as Edwardian script, and elegance when used as Zaphino or Bickham. This typography is also associated with creativity when used with Brush script or Lavanderia. If your target market is feminine, then using Lobster or Lucida script is ideal.

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It is important that you work with a professional graphic designer, printing company, branding company and digital agency when it comes to choosing the ideal typography for your brand. They work with you, promising that your corporate identity, mission and vision, and target market are fully represented in your brand design – across all your marketing materials.

When customers and potential customers drive by your billboard or come across your brand online, they should immediately be able to identify your business because of its design. The key to successful brand graphic design is to create an aesthetic that works well on all platforms, while fully embracing the identity of your business.

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