Tips for Designing your Business Cards

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Tips for designing your business cards

First impressions count and this is especially true when it comes to business. A professionally designed business card lends a sense of legitimacy to your business as well as your personal brand. Strategic, well-designed business cards have the power to help you stand out from your competitors.

By investing time into your business card design and business card printing, you are sure to leave a long lasting impression.

Design Tips for your Business Cards

Take a look at these business card design tips – it’s time to get networking!

Print Design Best Practice

Business card graphic designers need to stick to the basic principles of paper based design. So, what exactly are these principles?

  • Many graphic designers that are used to working in the digital realm have become accustomed to working in RGB and forget that print requires colours to be presented in CMYK format. If you are not working with a professional print designer, make sure your team knows to design your business card using CMYK. This maintains legibility and design integrity.
  • Ensure that the typography you choose for your business card design is legible and easy to read. Consult your printing company to gain greater insight into this. You don’t want to make your business card difficult to read. If it is, it will just be tossed aside and ignored by potential customers.
  • Your business card copy should be at least 5mm from the trim edge, this prevents it from being cut off during the printing process.
  • Design at 300dpi to ensure the best image reproduction.

Be creative, taking your brand identity into account

There are some standard sized business cards available. For example: one of the most popular sizes is 90 x 50. If you choose to go with a standard size card, it is important to remember that you can still get creative – even in a seemingly small space. This tiny piece of paper is your canvas and you can certainly make it stand out.

Begin by understanding what information needs to be included on your business card. This is typically your name, number, email address, and web address. Try to include your social media platforms too. Once you know what your copy is, design around it and present this information in an eye-catching way. Make sure to take your branding into account, i.e.: your company colours and your logo. Understand the personality of your business, your corporate identity, and make sure that your design represents this ethos.

Avoid Common Mistakes

There are common mistakes that are made when it comes to designing business cards, specifically if you are not working with a professional print designer and printing company. You need to take the “bleed area” into account when designing your business cards. The bleed area is usually 3 mm – however this does vary.

Another vital element of business card design is to avoid using a straightforward border around the entire card. This can easily show up misaligned in the trim if not perfectly cut. With this in mind, work closely with a professional print designer and printing company to help guide you in the process.

Make use of Finishes

A great way to make an immediate impact with your business card is to make use of a special finish. These include: spot UV, foil blocking and metallic inks. These may add to the cost of your business card, however they make it more visually appealing and memorable – something that your potential client will not toss out easily.

Speak to your professional printing company and find out what finishes they recommend for your business card.

Make your Business Card Interactive with Cut-Outs

A smart way to ensure a unique and memorable business card is to make use of the die-cutting process. This cuts out elements from the card stock, changing the shape of your card, from rounded edges to intricately cut out shapes in the center of your card.

This may sound like an expensive undertaking, however with laser cut options and ever advancing technology, die-cutting has become economical and cost-effective. If die-cutting isn’t an option for your brand, take a look at letterpress options.

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