Awesome Interactive Print Marketing Campaigns

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Awesome interactive print marketing campaigns

Print marketing is a form of advertising that makes use of printed media to gain the attention of customers, and potential customers. This kind of advertising was once the primary method of marketing, but today we have a variety of platforms to choose from, from social media and digital platforms to billboards and direct mail.

The problem with digital marketing campaigns is that they can be easily ignored or forgotten we have enough distractions on the internet, so consuming and maintaining information from an online advertisement isn’t exactly guaranteed.

The marketing world has noticed this and have taken to merging both digital and print media, making sure that the audience is informed in an innovative, interactive and engaging way.

Here are some print advertisements that will make you re-think traditional marketing and they are awesome!


This interactive print advert actually transforms into a wristband that you attach to your child, ensuring their safety on the beach. The innovative application allows parents to set a particular distance, and through a smart phone app they receive alerts if the child wanders too far. This awesome advertisement won The Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes in 2014.


If you are a beer connoisseur, or just a beer lover, you would have at one point wanted to speed up the beer cooling process. Beer brand Glacial gave their customer exactly what they wanted. The printed advert was to be soaked in water, wrapped around the bottle, and place in a freezer. This would cool the beer down quickly.

So how did this actually work? The print advert was made with particles of salt, which reduce the freezing point of water.

Kontor Records

Kontor Records goal was simple to gain the attention of advertising and creative professionals. So, instead of doing what most record companies do, that is: sending out their latest CDs in the mail, they sent a creative direct mail campaign instead. They sent through a vinyl record that came with a paper turntable yes, a PAPER turntable. The paper turntable and the record worked together, allowing the music to be played via an iPhone. Digital meets print, perfectly.

Lladro Lighting

So, how can a lighting company make a print advertisement interactive and engaging? Why not give the consumer a print advert that works almost like a pop-up book, giving people the opportunity to create their very own lamp shade?


To demonstrate the new features of the Ford Explorer, the company decided to publish 3 separate print adverts all of which had unique, interactive elements. The reader was able to scan a QR code onto their cell phone, and then view the vehicle in action!

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