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How to make your business card stand out

How many business cards have you been given in your life? From networking events to social functions, business cards are handed out at random constantly. Some stay in our wallets for months at a time, some we make use of, and some we disregard. Business cards are an essential marketing tool, and when it comes to designing an eye catching business card  you can go all out.

Thanks to die-cutting, letterpress, metallic ink and a variety of print materials, your business card design can certainly leave a long-lasting impression. It comes down to intelligent graphic design.

As it is the first week back at work for most people after the December holidays, we thought you could use some cheering up and inspiration with these awesome business card designs. Take a look and stay printspired with Jetline, the printing, graphic design and branding experts.

Interactive Business Cards

Business Cards are a tangible marketing tool, and by making your card interactive, you solidify your place in the consciousness of your potential customer. The below business card offers just what the consumer wants brand interaction.

The card seems simple enough at first glance, but can be made into a small chair, showing off the creativity of the business itself. By engaging with the card, taking time out to build it, the consumer builds a relationship with the brand and will always remember this fun interaction. Interactive business cards have become hugely popular, and for good reason. Through die-cutting and professional graphic design, Jetline is able to assist you in creating the ultimate interactive business card for your brand.

Represent your Industry

So, you work in the music industry? Why not create a card that deliberately represents your industry? This cheeky, fun, memorable design not only catches the eye, it offers interaction and engagement. The act of simply pulling out the vinyl is a memorable act that establishes a sense of fun and trust between the audience and the brand.

No matter your industry, a creative graphic designer and print expert can assist you in creating a card that represents your business in an eye-catching way. Speak to the Jetline printing and graphic design professionals today and get your target market buzzing with one of a kind outside the box business cards.

Make Sure they Remember your Face

Having your picture displayed on your business card, as a pop up (as per example below), or as a simple print or even a fun caricature, helps potential and current clients remember your face and name.

This kind of visual and personalised approach to business card design has become popular, specifically in the creative industries.

If you don’t want to take this highly personalised route, or just don’t want your picture taken, make use of images of your products or services, a simple visual can sometimes say more than words ever could.

Tactile Business Cards

Tactile business cards and business cards made using non-standard materials and unconventional design.

These are cards made of woods, metals, metallic inks, or have an element of letter press design. They are also cards that are cut into non-conventional shapes (as per all the examples above). These kinds of cards may not work for all businesses, if you work in an industry that doesn’t quite lend itself to bright, shiny, out of the box design elements, then you may not want to go with this kind of design.

However, by adding touches of metallics, as seen above, you can create a more simplified version of this trend, a business card that speaks to your industry and draws the eye at the same time. This may not be all out tactical design, but it carries elements of the popular trend, in a simplified way.

Jetline: The Branding and Printing Experts

Business cards are one of the most effective networking tools. This thumb to thumb interaction creates first impressions and a vision of your business, while serving as a reminder and presenting your company in a clear, professional manner.

If you are interested in creating business card for you company? Your cards need to reflect your business message and brand, tell your story and immediately draw the eye. It is vital that you work alongside an experienced branding company and printing company to help you create a business card that is sure to get potential clients and current clients talking.

Contact the print, branding and design experts today.

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