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Variable data printing

Direct mail is a tried, tested and proven marketing tactic. 82% of direct mail is read for one minute or more while only 15 seconds is spent looking at online adverts or emails. Now, thanks to technological advancements in digital and print, we are able to send out personalised mail, speaking directly to your specific customer.

Variable Data Printing, also referred to as Variable Information Printing, is able to change text, graphics and images from one printed piece to the next. This does not slow down the printing process at all. For example: personalised letters can be created and they will have the same basic layout, but will be printed with different addresses, names and graphics on each print.

Taking the direct mail statistics into account, Variable Data Printing is the ultimate way to increase engagement with clients and potential clients.

Understanding your Target Market with Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing gives you the opportunity to output your mail quickly, and when your campaign consists of tracking mechanisms such as a personalised URL, you can analyse your results and compare them to previous campaigns.

Many marketers section their mailing lists into specific target market demographics such as male or female, student/business people etc. You can use this to your advantage by sending out small amounts of mail to certain demographics allowing you to analyse how each demographic responds to specific promotions.

Benefits of Variable Data Printing

Personalising direct mail gives you the opportunity to connect “one on one” with your customer. Variable Data Printing is more than merely changing a name and address, today we can take personalisation further, reflecting the client’s values and interests.

If a customer is a fan of a particular product, make that the focal point of your direct mail design. You can take it even further if you have a lot of data on your customers. For example: If a particular client is a fan of golf, a personalised postcard with an image of a golfer would definitely grab their attention. The idea is to always be adding value by relating to the customer – this builds trusted relationships and opens up communication between your brand and target market.

Jetline Printing Company South Africa: Variable Data Printing Experts

Jetline creates state of the art personalised mail drops and is able to create mailers that are personalised to the very last detail. Personalisation possibilities include: Letters, cards, envelopes, packaging and lots more with unique images and text.

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