Why Print marketing will always be Popular

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Why print marketing will always be popular

We may live in the digital age, but print marketing is still as popular and necessary as ever. The stats speak for themselves.

Did you know:

  • 46% of online users read printed books exclusively
  • 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other marketing tactic
  • Magazine readers spend 20- 25 minutes consuming information while online readers spend an average of 2 minutes reading information.

This is because print is tangible, engaging, and offers a tactile experience. Print creates an emotional connection and this propels your marketing efforts to greater levels of success.

Print Marketing: A Tactile Experience

As mentioned above, print is tangible. This means it has the power to stimulate the audience’s senses.

The experience starts with the feeling of the printed material between our fingers, then the smell of the ink, the sound of the pages turning, and the emotion elicited from the colours and visuals.

Have you ever interacted with a brochure that has a matt finish, or an invitation designed with letterpress font? Then you know exactly what we mean.

It has also been proven that when a print marketing campaign appeals to the senses, marketing effectiveness increases by an impressive 70%.

When a flyer or brochure is of quality paper stock, you will look through it, retain the relevant information, and move on. However, if that same brochure had a laminate cover, impressive cut out design, and eye-catching layout, you are sure to engage with its content on a deeper level.

Print isn’t about just blatantly selling your brand, it has the power to take the reader on a sensory journey.

The Power of Stirring Emotion with Print Marketing

  • Memorable

If something makes us feel, we remember it. The same can be said for print marketing. If your print marketing campaign makes your audience feel something, you are creating tactile and emotional memories with them and this connects them to your brand and inserts your place in their memory. This is what leads to brand recall, brand trust, and brand loyalty.

  • Engaging

Not only does print play on our senses, it engages our minds. We usually turn to Google to search for answers, but where do we find the questions we should be asking? This is when print becomes a part of your marketing strategy.

When we become engrossed in a textbook, novel or newspaper, the content makes us question a variety of things, so we take a moment, digest this information and retain what we have read. It’s the opposite when reading online.

When we read information online, the content becomes harder to retain. This phenomenon occurs because of the flicker effect. The flicker effect from the computer screen on your eyes will make you scan the information, rather than concentrate on it.

  • Personalisation

As stated, print is tangible which makes it credible. When your printed materials are branded cohesively, you immediately create trust with your target market. Your customers and potential customers recognise the effort that you have put into your business when they see the dedication placed on your marketing and brand management. How do you take this a step further?

Time to get personal.

Variable data printing allows you to become even more personal with your print marketing campaigns. From thank you cards to direct mail brochures and post cards, Variable Data Printing allows you to address a specific client by name, with specific visuals to suit said client’s personal preferences. And get this – this advanced technology does not interfere or slow down the printing process, it is completely automated!

  • Get ahead of Competitors

Digital marketing is everywhere, and all your competitors are in on it. So how do you stand out in such an over-saturated market? You go retro, you combine digital marketing and traditional marketing you go print. What excites consumers and marketers today is something ahead of the curve. And what is the outcomes when you have an excited consumer? You get sales.

  • Cutting through the Digital Noise

People are choosing to unplug themselves from the online world, and this has become a problem for digital marketers. This is because digital is noisy, consuming and full of distractions. Print is the opposite in every way. Print is even sometimes used to unwind!

People are falling more and more in love with print even millennials! There is nothing better than putting your feet up, sipping on coffee, and relaxing while reading a good book. This kind of relaxation is not achieved with a tablet or laptop.

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