Photobooks: FAQs

Photobooks: Frequently Asked Questions

I opened a project to continue working on it and the software is telling me that my photos are missing. What now?

This has happened because you have moved the folder that your images were in (or the images have been moved). The software does not embed the images in to your project file. It pulls the images from where you have saved them.

You will either need to restore the images back to their original location or you can relink each of the images. It is also advised that you do not work from an external hard drive but rather copy the images to your machine so that they are available locally.

What is the download size of the PC/Mac version of the software?

Windows: The Windows download file is 96.96 MB.

Mac OS: The Mac OS download file is a zip file which is 173.42 MB.

How long will my order take?

Our standard turnaround time is 7 – 10 working days, in some instances we are able to dispatch orders earlier, however this is dependent on the volume of orders we have in production at any given time. For orders placed outside of Gauteng, please allow for an additional day or 2 for dispatch to your local branch.

Please send me costs for (product and page count).

You can calculate the cost of your photobook here: Photobooks

Alternatively, you can download our pricelist here: Access document here!

Where can I find the download link to the Jetline Photo Creator Software?

You can access the link for download here: Photobooks

I have used the Jetline ONLINE creator to build my project, but I don’t know where to find it?

Please go to and login with your username and password that you created. Navigate to “Online Projects” you will find your saved items here.

When ordering online, the page shows an error when I choose a store and the system does not allow me to continue.

This could be due to a number of reasons.

Your anti-virus may be blocking you from selecting your store, you may have to have whitelisted on your antivirus software.

Your browser may be blocking any pop-ups – normally you will see a message on your screen to allow pop-ups / cookies.

This problem usually occurs when using internet explorer. Try using Chrome or Firefox.

Is there a way to create a pdf to share with other members for input before printing?

Yes, you are able to create a pdf proof to share with other members of your group.

To get a proof, take the following actions:

    • Select ‘File’
    • Select ‘Create Proofs’
    • Click ‘Okay’ (if a message pops up regarding the image quality click on ‘Continue’)

Another screen will open up, select ‘Multi-page PDF’ under the Output Format dropdown – also select the destination where you would like the filed saved.

  • Click ‘Okay’ and you will find a low resolution watermarked proof in the location you selected.

Will I receive an email/SMS/notification once my order is ready?

Once your order is complete, you will receive an email notification. The branch you have selected to collect from will also notify once they have received your order.

If I use the wizard, is it then not possible to edit?

If you are using the wizard mode, you will have the options of choosing your photos, number pages and a background. After this you will be given a preview of your photobook if you are happy with this you can click on next in the bottom right hand corner and this will take you to the editor where you can make changes to your background, add scrapbook elements and any other changes you may wish to make.

I am busy compiling a photobook using your programme. I would like to know how to add extra pages, as I require more than the allocated 24 pages.

Adding pages is simple. On the menu bar at the top of your screen, go to page and select the ‘Add’ option.

How do I choose the pictures I want to include in the photo book?

If you click on the icon show below you will be able to add the pictures to insert into your photobook.

You will have the option to pull your images from your computer or from Facebook.

How do you crop an image from the top down and from the left side to the right?

You can crop an image by double clicking on your picture box / photo. A screen will open that will allow you to crop and reposition your image in the picture box area. Note that you can only crop within the dimensions of the picture box your photo has been placed in. If you want to change your picture box from rectangle to square you will have to change the picture box first and then double click on the image to crop and reposition.

The cover – The software shows two pages, are they front and back cover? Which of the two pages which is front and which is back page?

What you are seeing on the software is a cover spread. The left-hand side is the back-cover page and the right-hand side is the front-cover.

What is the final dimensions of the photobook cover?

The final size of the cover will depend on the size of the book you are looking to have printed.
Below is a basic guide as to how to work out the final cover size.

This is for an A4 portrait book:

For the Combo options (A4 Landscape and 2 A5 Duplicate) – duplicate means they are all the same?

Yes, that means that all 3 books will be exactly the same. You only have to create the book once, when you place the order, our production team will scale down the artwork on their side.

I’ve created my photobook and it’s ready to go but I’ve now realised I made it the wrong size. Is there any way to automatically convert it?

We are able to scale a photobook for you; however, we can only scale down and in the same orientation.

For example, we can change an A3 landscape photobook to and A4 landscape photobook. We cannot change an A4 Portrait photobook to a 20 x 20 square photobook.

Please advise how I can email my book to you for printing?

This is for ONLINE PAYMENT orders only:

If you have placed an order online and had trouble uploading your files you can send the files to us via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

You can send the mail to Please send your order number as well so we can easily and quickly tie up your artwork with your online order.

For offline orders, please contact your nearest branch, they will need to place and order in store that our production team will see. You can send the files to your branch and they will upload the files for our production team with an order number.

Can I still use my Album Maker software?

No. Our Album Maker has been discontinued and we no longer support it. We are unable to process and print any books created using this software.

If I have the Album Maker do I have to download the Photo Creator or will it automatically update.

You will have to download the Photo Creator – the Album Maker and the Photo Creator are completely different software and are in no way connected to the other.

Our Album Maker has been discontinued and we no longer support it. We are unable to process and print any books created using this software.

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