Creating a Strong Corporate Identity: Corporate Branding Tips

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Creating a strong corporate identity

Defining design is difficult. One of the greatest explanations we could find is, “Good art is a talent. Good design is a skill.” While art sends a different message to everyone, design sends the same message to everyone. When it comes to your corporate branding, design is not just aesthetically pleasing visuals, there needs to be a serious strategy behind it.

Successful businesses plan the design and branding process to achieve certain goals. In its simplest form, corporate branding design can be broken into 7 parts.

Take a look below and begin your corporate branding strategy and brand management.


We have written extensively about logos and their importance to brand identity. A brand logo is designed to create immediate brand recognition, giving the company a face. This is how the consumer identifies a brand. However, the logo is only a small part of the bigger picture when it comes to corporate brand strategy.

The key to an effective logo is to design one that works well on all marketing platforms while capturing the personality of your corporate identity. Designing a logo is not a simple process.


Typography needs to be taken seriously when it comes to your brand. You need to know what fonts you want associated with your brand. These fonts will appear on your corporate stationery, website and other marketing platforms.

The fonts you choose need to stir a certain emotion in the reader’s consciousness. It needs to be strategic and implemented across all marketing materials to promote brand association and cohesive brand image.

Brand management is key when it comes to maintaining your typography.

Brand Colours

Colour and branding are innately linked because colour puts across a particular message without the use of words. In a study called “Impact of Colour,” researchers discovered that up to 90% of instant purchase decisions are based on colour alone.

When it comes to creating a visual identity for your company, colour needs to be carefully considered. You need to look into colour meanings, colour theory and explore a variety of colour combinations.

Your corporate colour scheme needs to make a powerful statement about your organisation. Just like your logo and typography, your chosen colours need to relay your business message, philosophy and personality.

Brand Perception

Brand perception refers to how your business is viewed by the consumer. Your brand identity tells your story and expresses your company’s message. Successful branding is about getting your audience to see your business as the only one that offers a solution to a particular problem.

You need to understand your brand objectives from day one. That is: your organisations personality and characteristics, philosophy and message. By having a clear understanding of your brand and what differentiates it in your industry, you are able to leverage off this in all elements of your business.

At the end of the day, if you have a strong and streamlined brand, you will build credibility as a business.


The quality of your company, service and product needs to be reflected in all aspects of your corporation and marketing. This means that all your marketing materials need to be of the highest possible standards. Of course, this needs to be suited to your budget.

This comes down to smart branding. You don’t need to break the bank to express your business quality. By working with an experienced graphic designer, printing company and digital agency, you will be guided through the process. These professionals ensure that all elements of your marketing stay within your budget and embrace your brand identity in a valuable way.


Many businesses neglect this aspect of branding. It was Apple that took initiative in this regard. Apple created an enthusiastic community around their products. This certainly paid off in the long run.

So, how do you create a strong community of enthusiastic consumers? Recruit company promoters! This is word of mouth or gorilla marketing. It nurtures trust and motivates loyalty around business. These people will be the key influencers when it comes to your brand.

Let’s take a sneak peek into Apples community creation strategy:

  • Develop a quality product for a specific target market.
  • Create products that encourage customers to share information with each other. The iPod is a great example of this marketing tactic.
  • Key aspects of products are focused on and associated with the company’s value and philosophy.

Brand Management Solutions

Jetline recognised a fundamental gap in the market for an effective brand management solution – thus the brand management portal was born. BMP is an all-encompassing system that functions as a digital style guide. It maintains your relevant brand information and guidelines, ensuring brand uniformity across all your marketing and corporate materials.

People do business with companies that they are familiar with. If your branding is uniform it becomes easily recognisable. This makes people feel at ease when purchasing your product or service.

Your brand is your promise. Keep your promise consistent.

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