Powerful Print Campaigns Part Two

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Powerful Print Campaign Part Two

The most important part of advertising in magazines, brochures, and on billboards is to grab the attention of the audience and create conversation about your brand. Some businesses stick to tried and test branding because this makes them feel safe. However, if you find yourself in a saturated industry, it is important that you make the effort to stand out.

Getting creative with your marketing campaign and marketing materials is a must.

Create a marketing campaign that resonates with your target market. Design and distribute eye-catching print materials that will garner attention and enhance your brand. Your ideas and designs don’t have to be over the top to be creative, they simply have to tell the story of your brand – smartly.

Here are some incredible examples of innovative print ads that caught the attention of the target market perfectly.

Moms Demand Action Campaign

One powerful image, a few lines, and hours of debate and conversation.

Lego Campaign

Lego stimulates your child’s imagination and this simple image says it all.

Pedigree Adopt a Pet Campaign

One of the most powerful images. Collectively now…. “aaaaaaaaaw!”

Pepsi Halloween Campaign

Doesn’t this make you wish we were allowed to create blatantly competitive marketing campaigns in South Africa?

Dallas Farmers Market Campaign

You immediately recognised the design but noticed it looked different right? So you looked closer and read the content. ‘Nuff said.

McDonald’s now with Wi-fi Campaign

Simply take a universally recognised symbol and make it your own. What is more recognisable and straight to the point than the McDonald’s colours, chips and wi-fi symbol combined?

Durex Condom Campaign

Durex is renowned for its cheeky adverts. However, this ad does not just make you giggle, it makes you think.

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Print marketing is always evolving, meeting the needs of the ever changing societal trends. These marketing tools will always be popular, and play a significant role in marketing and advertising, from billboard print to brochures, print marketing thrives.

If you want to create the ultimate print campaign to promote your brand, you have come to the right place. It is crucial that you work alongside an experienced design and print company to help you put together a print campaign that gets your target market talking.

Contact the print, branding and design experts today the Jetline professionals are here to help!

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