Why Billboard Marketing Works

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Why billboard work

South Africans spend more time than ever before in vehicles. It has been estimated that South Africans spend up to 15 hours a week on the road. That is a lot of time and offers enormous opportunity for marketers. With millions of commuters taking to the roads daily, billboard marketing is the perfect tool for brands who want to reach their audience and pass on a business message effectively.

One of a kind, thought-provoking and well-designed billboards promise brand recognition simply because of their size and the fact that your audience can’t ignore them, click them away, or switch them off. Some of the globes most renowned brands invest time and resources into their outdoor marketing campaigns, from Nike to Guess. Think about it. These are the brands that follow us wherever we go, and we remember them. If your goal is to be noticed or you want to build brand awareness, outdoor marketing is a must.

Here are just a few reasons billboards are one of the most powerful tools in the marketer’s arsenal.

You can’t avoid them!

If you are on the road, you simply can’t escape billboard advertising. And when you are stuck in peak hour traffic, you certainly need something to look at, and that is where billboards become a powerful marketing tool.

Awesome Design Possibilities

Billboards provide enormous space for creativity and graphic design savvy. But what makes for an impactful and successful billboard? Printing companies and graphic designers are now putting together eye-catching billboards that grab our attention immediately. There are a multitude of creative billboard trends taking the market by storm. Some of them seem to defy the laws of nature with smart graphic design that seems to interact and engage with the environment. This kind of design can be done by adding lights to the print design, making the billboards engage with the space surrounding it and utilising 3D like design effects.

See below examples of creative billboard designs that make use of their space effectively.

Outdoor print marketing is about stirring emotion, and making sure your particular brand message stays in the mind of the audience. This connects them to your brand, builds a relationship, loyalty, trust, and of course, increases sales.

Cost Effective and ROI

Billboard marketing is one of the most cost-effective options in the marketing industry. Most billboards, flags, outdoor banners (most forms of outdoor print marketing), costs less than a Rand per person who views your advert. No other marketing platform can compare to this. Billboards not only increase brand awareness exponentially, they have been proven to provide a higher return on investment, drastically increasing market share and sales.

Location, Location, Location

Strategic placement of billboards is key to marketing success. You know where your target market is located, you know where they would be travelling on the roads. You have all the information you need to make an informed decision about billboard placement. This kind of targeted marketing is every branding professionals dream. Do your research and pass your brand message on to the relevant people, in the right place and the perfect time!

Impulse Buying

Even with today’s booming e-commerce industry, consumers still enjoy going to shopping centres, this is mostly because they provide a tactile and social experience that is sorely lacking online. Because of this, a substantial amount of purchasing takes place on the way home from work, be it department store buying or grocery shopping. So, when your target market is on the way to a shopping centre and views your billboard your product or service may just be added to their list.

Brand Repetition and Brand Recall

High frequency and repetitive marketing is key to brand awareness. By associating your business with a specific location on the highway or on the road, you are taking up space in the profitable mind of the consumer. When they need to contact a company that offers your service or product, you will be the first business on their mind.

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To ensure a successful print marketing campaign you have to be strategic in your approach. It is vital to work with a professional designer, branding company and printing company to achieve this. Jetline understands the entire branding process, from start to finish. We provide design, printing, brand management and digital marketing solutions to promote and boost your brand awareness.

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