5 Creative Wedding Invitations for your Printspiration

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Creative wedding invitations for your printspiration

Take a moment to consider how much work, from design to print, goes into creating a wedding invitation that expresses the personality of the couple getting hitched. You see, all wedding invitations carry a distinct, personal touch.

The below wedding invitations have taken that personal touch to new, creative heights! Some of these out-of-the-box invitations will make you rethink any invite you create. From the 3D invitation to the record player invitation, get ready to be printspired.

The Adventure Story Wedding Invitation

This awesome adventure for two wedding invitation print is ideal for couples with a sense of wanderlust. The invitation, designed by Kitkat Pecson, beautifully expresses the couples love story by using cultural references as a colourful map.

This kind of design is great for couples who have been through a lot together. It is a personal and touching way to remember their love story and the path they took to their big day.

The 3D Double Invite

How cool is this? And the bride designed these awesome invitations herself! She disguised them as invites to her two year olds birthday party but they came with 3D decoder glasses and a secret message.

The 3D glasses revealed a second invitation – an invite to the brides wedding! What a great way to announce a double celebration.

The Record Player Wedding Invitation

This couple created a wedding invitation that perfectly captured their individuality and passions. The groom is actually a Grammy nominated sound engineer, so of course, music would be the perfect way to express their love.

The invite is made of paper, assembled into the shape of a record player. When spun, the record player plays a song that the couple wrote together. Absolutely magical!

It’s the Final Countdown

This quirky wedding invitation doubles as a wedding day countdown timer. The card has a front wheel that can be turned to track how many days are left until the big day. Interactive, engaging, and memorable. The perfect wedding invitation for a quirky couple.

Also, this is a great way to get guests involved in and excited for your wedding day! Interactive wedding invitations make your guests a part of your big day!

An Infographic Love Story

It’s the digital age and we are all used to seeing infographics displaying information online. This kind of design translates beautifully to print and immediately garners attention from the viewer. So why not take this visual form of storytelling and make it your wedding day invitation?

This wedding infographic invitation is 14.8cm by 42cm long. Make sure to take advantage of illustrations, and make use of folding options so that it fits snugly into a custom envelope.

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