Why Print Media Thrives in a Digital World

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Why print media thrives

Society tends to have an innate affinity toward magazines, brochures, and newspapers. Printed content and print advertisements are perceived as credible, and this speaks to our need for tangible and tactile information, as opposed to the digital content we are inundated with daily.

Below are a few reasons why print marketing continues to thrive in a digital world:

Print is Tangible

There is nothing more frustrating than those pop-up advertisements that invade your space while you are looking for something specific online. It has become common place to immediately exit from them without even identifying what is being promoted. Pop-up banners, digital ads, sponsored Facebook posts, and spam mailers are a part of our lives. They are also an element of our lives that we have become blind to.

We are barraged with so many of these marketing tactics that we lose sight as to what is actually being offered. This becomes a wasted exercise and waste of money for businesses looking to gain client interest. Of course, your business needs to have a strong online presence. Every business needs a digital footprint. But it is also important to engage with your target market and make sure they are retaining your brand message.

Brochures, magazines, signage, billboards, and flyers are all engaging, tangible, and tactile ways to ensure you engage your audience. These marketing materials stay in homes, offices, and public spaces for months at a time. They cannot be ignored. If you drive by a billboard every single day, you are going to retain the brand message and recognise the brand in the future.

Credibility and Longevity

When you see your preferred magazine or newspaper at your local store, you don’t think twice about purchasing it. These printed materials offer a sense of trust and legitimacy, providing the ideal backdrop for businesses to reach their target market. Print requires what is known as “Real Estate” and marketers love this!

Printed marketing materials need to be stored, for example: you may store a brochure on your desk and leave it there for days. This will eventually be picked up and viewed by people passing by your desk. This brand interaction means that the brand message is consistently being consumed – and retained.

Brand Establishment

Branded materials, corporate stationery, billboards, and print advertisements, offer the ideal platform to establish your brand.

They allow you to bring your brand aesthetic to the masses, through unified font, imagery, colours, and texture – all of which play a massive role in developing your brand recognition.

Strategic Targeting

It is important to be strategic when launching a print marketing campaign. The placement and design of your advertisement helps you reach your direct target market, whether the general public or a niche group.

By leveraging off data, you can easily place your brand in the right place, at the right time – to the right audience!

Audience Engagement

Websites are usually skimmed through. When a potential or current client visits your website, they are likely to read it in bullet points and hardly retain relevant information.

A person will go through a website for as little as 15 seconds but they will spend 43 minutes reading a print magazine. When a potential or current client reads printed material, they become more engaged in the process, and go through the content for a longer period of time.

Combine Digital and Print Marketing Effortlessly

While print marketing is able to function effectively on its own, it is also able to supplement digital marketing campaigns. It is important to reference your website and social media platforms on your print marketing materials.

Remember, your client is going between the digital and physical world, and it is important that your brand does the same.

Below are 3 ways to create an even more interactive print marketing experience:

QR Codes: This is an ideal way to get your target market to your website, to learn more about your business. QR codes are simple and easily customisable to fit your specific campaign requirements.

Infographics: Graphs and statistics can often appear dull and static. However, formatting these into an infographic allows you to create visually stimulating content that can be used both on, and off line.

Social Media: Always include your social media icons on your printed materials. This brings the conversation online, while always referencing your latest printed message on your online platforms.


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