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Best start up logos

Successful start-ups, particularly in the tech industry, prioritize every element of brand design. Every aspect of their brand identity is strategic and thoroughly thought through, from the logo design and business cards, to website and social media platforms. This is because a powerful design greatly improves success rate and brand awareness.

Remember, start-ups are going up against well-established industry giants. This is why it is vital for these brands to get noticed. And to get heads turning, they have to look enticing. A big part of the overall design lies in the logo. A great logo, one that captures the feel, values, and personality of a brand, is what will grab the attention of the target market. This is why it is important to work alongside a professional graphic design, branding, and printing company.

Here, we take a look at some of the most epic start-up logos.

Let’s get printspired.


Dropbox is a name we all know. This innovative file storage site continues to grow, having become one of the most popular and trusted ways to share and store information. The logo design is simple, making use of white space to create a humble box icon that represents the storage system provided by the business. It is also a literal representation of the brand name. Because of its simplicity, the logo quickly became recognisable.

Today, if anyone sees the little box icon, they immediately associate it with the business and the service it provides. With such powerful brand recognition comes brand awareness, and of course, continued growth and success. The lesson here? Keep it simple, stupid.


SnapChat is one of the most popular social media platforms and the mobile app makes use of a charming little mascot to represent its brand. The little ghost represents the premise of the social sharing platform. That is: photographs disappear once viewed. This quirky design has quickly become a part of the pop culture canon.

The design is quirky, playful and cute, setting the scene for a fun app. This logo embraces the brands personality perfectly.


MailChimp is a company that collects email addresses for bulk distribution of newsletters, and sends out the mailers to the email addresses.

The company’s font is the perfect mix of playfulness and professionalism. Giving it a business-like feel with a touch of creativity. Everything the brand stands for.

This is a great example of creating a logo that represents business values and personality effortlessly.


Ghost is an open source, free blogging platform that has set itself up to rival blogging giant WordPress, and it is growing quickly in popularity. Much like all the logos above, the design is simple. The horizontal bars of the logo represent content on a blogging site. This icon draws the eye and makes the audience curious about the service offerings.

It is quite simply a beautiful and well thought out design.


The latest start up from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, is Jelly. Jelly is an application designed to answer and pose questions. It is heavily integrated with social networks and gives users the opportunity to ask their friend’s questions and get the relevant answers.

The logo is clean, stylish and simple – but has a hint of personality and adorable quirkiness – business AND fun.

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Your logo design forms the foundation of your brand identity, working as the visual indicator of your business. When customers and potential customers view your billboards, business cards, website, social media marketing platforms and all other marketing materials, they need to instantly recognize your business and service offerings because of this visual identifier.

The key to creating a powerful logo design is to develop one that is wearable. This means that it works across all marketing platforms, from print to digital, while capturing the essence of a business identity and company values.

Designing a logo is a big tasks. It takes strategic thinking, testing, and of course, you need a professional graphic designer, printing company, and branding company to help you through the process.

Are you looking to create an effective, wearable, and eye-catching logo for your start-up business?

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