Eye-catching Vintage Poster Design

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Eye catching vintage poster design

It was in the 1870’s that posters became a popular medium for advertising. Thanks to the advent of Jules Cheret’s 3 stone lithographic printing process, artists were given the opportunity to develop eye-catching, colourful posters for marketing purposes. Today, graphic designers are still creating works of art through poster design, from film posters to event posters.

As a leading printing company, we look at some iconic vintage poster designs for your printspiration.

Le Chat Noir

This poster is arguably the most influential and recognised poster design of all time. This eye-catching work of art was created by Art Nouveau printer and artist, Theophile Steinlin. It was created to advertise the Parisian entertainment venue, Le Chat Noir.

The poster perfectly captured the bohemian spirit that was the cabaret culture of the 19th Century.

Rouge Baiser Blindfold


Rene Gruau was a renowned fashion illustrator and poster designer. His career took off in the 1920’s and continued right to to his death in 2004.

Having designed posters for Vogue, Elle, and Miss Dior, Gruau was a trailblazer in the world of poster design. His simple designs are what make his works so iconic. His designs are classy with added sex appeal and draw the eye of the fashion-conscious target market perfectly.

Kaffee Hag

Typography designer, graphic designer, artist, and interior designer, Lucian Bernharn is the man behind the poster style known as “Plakatstil.” This poster design style uses flat colour, bold typography, and reductive imagery. This advertising style gets the brand message across to the audience quickly and easily.

This Kaffee Hag poster print of 1914 is the perfect example of Bernharn’s style. It instantly sells the concept of decaf coffee. He immediately gets the brand message across! A lesson to all graphic designers and marketers!

Braniff Airways

In 1967 Braniff International Airways went through a re-brand, complete with new brand colours and new plane designs. Following its image overhaul, the airways merged with Panagra Airways and together they released a series of quirky, fun, memorable poster designs.

For example: the above design that advertises Argentina, features an Argentinian Gaucho. This is the South American equivalent of the North-Western Cowboy. The posters for the campaign featured cultural icons, in quirky illustrated styles, making the advertising campaign eye-catching and memorable.

Vers Le Mont Blanc

Designed by artist Geo Donvol, these stunning travel posters certainly catch the eye. The design is minimalist, featuring a silhouette of the countryside. And the strategic placement of the road draws the eye to the gorgeous mountains of the French Alps.

Three different versions of this poster exist, showing the landscape at day, night, and dusk. All the designs are equally beautifully and leave a powerful impact.

Max Huber

World renowned graphic designer, Max Huber, worked with a multitude of advertising agencies throughout his illustrious career. He is most well-known for his Autodromo Nazionale di Monza 1948 Grand Prix poster design.

What made his design so iconic was his typographic style, and clear, rational aesthetic. In fact, many of Huber’s logo designs are still used today. This shows the thought he put into all his designs, ensuring brand identity is captured perfectly, promising design longevity!

Biere Allary

Jean d’Ylen is the artist behind this stunning art deco poster design. His artwork was heavily influenced by Italian poster designer Leonetto Cappiello.

D’Ylen’s poster designs usually feature bright visuals on a contrasting background. This poster for beer is the perfect example of his design style.


When discussing poster design, graphic designer Edward Penfield has to be mentioned. Penfield is often referred to as a master graphic designer, and for good reason.

His work was first recognised by the art editor of Harper’s magazine when he was just a student and his art featured in a school exhibition. He then went on to create 75 posters for the iconic magazine.

Absinthe Robette

As it happened, the popularity of controversial alcoholic beverage Absinthe, coincided with the increase in commercial use of lithographic printing. Lithographic printed posters became a popular advertising medium at this time.

In 1895, poster artist Henri Privat Livemont, illustrated the iconic Art Noveau Absinthe Robette poster.

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The role and aesthetic of the poster is always evolving, meeting the ever changing trends of society. The poster continues to flourish and still plays a major role in advertising, music, marketing and art. If you are thinking about creating the ultimate poster to promote your business, brand or event, you have come to the right place.

Your poster needs to reflect your message, tell your story and catch the eye of your target market. It is important that you work alongside an experienced design and print company to help you put together a poster that gets clients and potential clients talking.
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