How to create a cohesive brand experience: Brand Management

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Creating a cohensive brand experience

Your brand is the face of your company and the promise you make to your consumers. This is why consistent corporate identity is vital to success. A successful brand identity is carried through every aspect of business, from employee behaviour to marketing materials it is about perception! Prosperous businesses intricately strategise their brand identity and brand management. They know that a streamlined image conveys competence, trust, reliability and intelligence.

If a client browses your website, sees your packaging in-store or visits your brick and mortar shop, they should immediately recognise your branding. This immediate recognition is what makes them feel safe, providing a sense of trust and relief when it comes to purchase.

Your company, whether a start-up or a large corporation, needs to provide clients with a seamless brand experience. As your business grows, your customers will easily recognise your brand and trust your business offerings. Through cohesive and experiential branding, your business grows organically.

Take every aspect of your branding into consideration

It is not enough to stamp the same logo on your store front and paste it at the top of your website this is not what cohesive branding means. It is imperative that time and effort is put into your marketing strategy and your brand management. You need to give your business a polished feel, one of professionalism, helping customers recognise immediately when your brand is present.

Think of every possible marketing platform you can utilise, from brochures and flyers to corporate stationery and digital media. Your typography, icons, colour scheme and imagery must be consistent. All these platforms should have the same colour scheme, similar layouts and the same logo (which will be altered for different platforms accordingly so make sure that you have a logo that works in black and white as well as full colour.)

Business stationery and corporate branding immediately establish your company as professional and dependable. Professional stationery informs your clients that you are a legitimate business, able to go the extra mile to deliver results!

It is also important to identify your brand’s unique voice and message what you believe in and what you stand for as a business. The tone of your brand must never be tossed aside or underplayed. Your social posts, blogs and brochures need to tell your story and reinforce your corporate identity.

This close attention to detail allows clients to easily identify your product in the marketplace. Consistent and effective company branding makes your business a part of your customers thought process always residing in the mind of your consumer.

When it comes to managing your brand on a long-term level, your business image needs to transcend messages, audience appeal and product lines, allowing your business to maintain and most importantly grow a loyal customer base.

Attention to detail in brand management allows a business to manage the perceptions of the client, eliminate brand confusion and develop brand confidence. A streamlined brand allows room to create impactful and creative campaigns. It gives marketers a line to work within while providing them with a thorough understanding of your style: this opens the way to the ultimate marketing campaign.

For this to be done successfully, you need to create a Brand Standards Guideline that includes: logos, fonts, taglines and company colours.

Brand Style Guidelines

Brand guidelines work on 2 levels. They explain why these elements are used (how they have been designed to reach your objectives) while also providing practical instructions on how to use brand elements.

This document should be sent to your entire team to ensure everyone gains a clear understanding of the business and the brand personality that needs to be displayed.

The goal of these guidelines is to protect the power of your brand so it continues to strengthen the value of your company. Brand guidelines attain this by outlining the importance of your identity and detailing how to utilise elements of your brand. This document works as a comprehensive manual for those who use your brand name from brochure, banner and business card printers through to your marketing team and web developers.

Digital Style Guide: Brand Management Portal

Jetline recognised a fundamental gap in the market for an effective brand management solution, thus the Brand Management Portal was born. BMP is an all-encompassing system that functions as a digital style guide. It maintains your relevant brand information and guidelines, ensuring brand uniformity across all your marketing and corporate materials.

People do business with companies that they are familiar with. If your branding is uniform it becomes easily recognisable. This makes people feel at ease when purchasing your product or service. Remember: Your brand represents you and the value you promise your customer. Keep it consistent!

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