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The value of comic book prints

Comic books are not just found crumpled in the bottom drawer of an awkward teenager’s nightstand. In fact, if the comic books mentioned below are found in the drawer of a teenager’s nightstand, that teenager will become incredibly wealthy.

Comic books are an art form, a creative storytelling method that captures the imagination. These inspired works make use of both the visual and written word. Certain vintage comic books of yesteryear have become a collectors dream and an expensive dream at that!

It is hard to believe that the superheroes we have become accustomed to through blockbuster films and well produced series have actually been a part of pop culture for up to 60 years. These characters first lived between the pages of printed books before they made their way to the screem

Here, we take a look at some of the world’s most valuable comic book prints:

Superman makes his first appearance in: Action Comics #1

Highest price sold at: $3.2 million

Issue 1 of 1938’s Action Comics introduced the world to Superman and is the most lucrative comic book print thus far. Sold at $3.2 million, we see the true power of print (and the power of Superman of course.)

Iron Makes his first appearance in: Tales of Suspense #39

Highest price sold at: $262,000.

Thanks to the legend that is Robert Downey Junior, Iron Man has become a first tier superhero. However, Tony Stark wasn’t always well-known and respected in the superhero genre.

Iron Man first made an appearance in issue 39 of Tales of Suspense and since Iron Man’s quick rise to super-stardom, the issue has become collectors gold. The lowest it has ever sold for at auction was $900. So no matter the condition, the print fetches a pretty penny.

Spiderman makes his first appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15

Highest Price sold at: $1.1 million

There have only been three comic books that have sold for over a million dollars, and Spiderman’s first appearance was so epic and groung-breaking that it is one of those three. Issue 15 of Amazing Fantasy is one of the most sought after comic in the industry and Spiderman is in fact one of the most collected comic books out there. Think about this, the lowest price fetched for this comic book (in inferior condition) was $4000.

Captain America makes his first appearance: Captain America Comics #1

Highest Price sold at: $343 000

The first Captain America film showed us the origin of the character, as we watched Steve Rogers go from pipsqueak to super soldier. The first Captain America comic book was not exactly an origin story, but rather a propaganda piece.

The comic book print was released in the middle of 1941, at the height of WWII, and in the comic book Captain America spends over 45 pages beating up Nazis. The front cover depicts Adolf Hitler being punched square in the face by the super soldier.

This comic book is iconic to say the least, capturing not only the history of the time, but the vision of widespread democracy. The minimum value of this comic book is $10 000.

The X-Men make their first appearance: X-Men #1

Highest Price sold at: $492 000

The first X-Men film was released in 2000 and it marked the new age of the superhero genre. Many sequels and prequels later, the X-Men franchise is massive. The comic book print first hit the market in 1963 and cost a mere 12 cents. Today, the price for this comic has skyrocketed, with the comic fetching $492 000. In comparison, in its poorest condition, the comic takes a nose dive to $900.

Batman makes his first appearance: Detective Comics #27

Highest Price sold at: $1 million

From Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck, we have seen Batman in a variety of forms, from Tim Burtons over the top representation of the characters, to Christopher Nolan’s darker interpretation of the comic book.

Batman is a superhero that goes back to the late 30s and this hero has been widely represented on print and screen. Since his 1939 appearance in Detective Comics, Batman has come a long way, being one of the most popular comic book characters of all time.

The first issue of Batman is one of the 3 comic book prints to be worth over $1 million.

The Avengers make their first appearance: Avengers #1

Highest Price sold at: $275 000

The first Avengers movie held the top spot for biggest opening weekend (until Deadpool and then Black Panther). The group of superheroes were first brought to the world’s attention in 1963 and featured only 4 superheroes: Ant-man, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor.

Throughout the years the comic has evolved, with almost every Marvel superhero having spent some time in the group.

The first ever comic book cost up to $275 000 and has a minimum price tag of $400.

The above proves one thing – the power of print.

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