How to Create Compelling Signage for your Store

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How to create compelling signage for your store

Signage placed in front of your store should be eye-catching and informative. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to have to figure out what you are selling. If you don’t tell them, they will simply walk straight by your store front and be none the wiser. Successful retail signage informs the consumer about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

A retail sign needs to grab the customers attention and interest, just like the subject line of an email campaign or a newspaper headline. You need to be strategic in your approach to retail signage, and consider your audience, message, and brand identity.

We have compiled some top tips to help you with successful signage design.

Straight to the Point Signage

Think about it in terms of Twitter and its character limit. We live in a generation of short attention spans and we prefer information delivered to us quickly and efficiently. This is why your signage needs to be straight to the point.

One look, and you know what they do[/caption]

No one wants to read an essay about your products and services. They just want to know who you are, what you do, and how you solve their specific problem.

You customers are in a rush, respect that and give them what they require – and do that quickly.

Easy to read fonts

A few retailers can get away with chalkboard signage, but getting away with it and making sales are two very different things. By using clear, easy to read fonts, with no over the top curls and colours, your potential customer is able to read your information clearly.

Example of signage that is difficult to read.[/caption]

If the customer needs to concentrate to decipher your colourful, over the top text, they will only become frustrated and move on.

Tell them what you can do for THEM

Ask yourself why your customer needs your product/service? For example: if you are a hairdresser your consumer would be coming to you to look good for a night out, event, or just to look fabulous.

So tell them that you are here to help them look fabulous!

You will turn heads tonight.

You will look and feel fabulous!

Leave them breathless.

Create a catchy phrase that is short and straight to the point. This will immediately inform the consumer who you are and how you can help them!

Talk to your customer

A potential customer will become your customer once they begin to visualise themselves making use of your product or service. Therefore, using personal words such as “you” and “your” are important in your messaging.

This is how you talk to your customer.

Speak to the customer – not at them!

Test your signage

In theory, a new sign placed above your shop window may sound awesome – until you have it installed and realise that you have to squint to read it!

You can’t miss it![/caption]

Think about the placement of your signage and its visibility. Speak to your professional printing company and ask for their opinion and what they believe would work best for your storefront.

Get creative

The goal of your signage is to catch the casual browsers attention. A great way to do this is with fun, creative text. Puns and jokes are a great way to catch the eye and garner interest.

If your signs is smart enough, someone may even take a photo of it and post it to social media platforms. (This has actually become quite the trend).

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Creating memorable signage that sells your brand and your merchandise is a fun part of retailing. Using these tips will help you put together awesome signage that grabs the attention of the consumer.

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