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Awesome Print advertising tips

If you want to break through the marketing clutter, you need to strategise a clear, clever concept and get creative in your design.

We are consistently exposed to marketing in our day to day lives, from social media sponsored adverts to billboards and brochures. Research suggests that we are, on average, exposed to 326 adverts a day! And only 3% of these leave an impression!

So, how do you break through the marketing clutter and ensure a memorable advertisement that impacts your target market?

Begin by coming up with the concept, and then dive into your design. And always pay attention to your layout and presentation.

Here are a few print adverts to printspire you in your print marketing campaigns:

Make them do a double take

At first glance, it just looks like a maze, but you know logically it’s not JUST a maze. You look twice. Upon closer inspection, the maze is a series of trucks.

Honda Motorcycle captured the idea of our hate of bumper to bumper traffic with this creative advertisement. You see, Honda motorbikes can weave through trucks effortlessly.

This is design excellence.

Make use of the fold in the paper

Print advertisement offers the opportunity to get creative. In this double page advert spread for Adidas, the designers made use of the fold in the pages making this a part of the advert. Open and close the pages and the athlete is doing her crunches, stretches, or lifting weights.

This is interactive design, which leads to emotive advertising – which is memorable!

Be Emotive

When it comes to advertising for something personal, something difficult, it is ok to get emotional. You want to drive your message home, and the best way to do this is to make your audience think on a deeper level.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating illness that causes severe memory loss. This emotive print advertisement shows the reader exactly what an Alzheimer’s sufferer goes through consistently having to be reminded of things. This advert plays on that repetition using simple content, promoting awareness, and capturing the suffering that the disease brings.

Change up the expected layout

In another advert for Alzheimer’s Day, we see a concept based on memory loss. This advert takes advantage of the magazine as a medium, and changes it up. The ad shows ink on the page being brushed away or fading, expressing the fading away of memory for those living with the disease.

Tell a Story

If you are in marketing, you know about the importance of storytelling in advertising. Basically, who doesn’t like a good story? The above advert for Scrabble tells a story using anagrams. The goal of this advert is to convey the magic and power of words and how they connect us with people.

Re-imagine a well-known image

This is an advert to promote a range of colour pencils. The advert recreated a famous painting using thousands of coloured pencils. The pencils weren’t used to draw the image, they were used to create the image! Take a closer look and you will see the pencils meticulously placed and glued together to create The Scream, by Edvard Munch.

Be lighthearted and humorous

These StaSoft adverts tickle the funny bone!

The tagline of the campaign is Softens even the toughest? and the images of notorious? tough guys? as soft fabric portraits is just perfect.


Are you interested in creating an eye-catching print campaign for your business?

Your campaign needs to reflect your brand and business message, tell your story and immediately draw the eye of your audience. It is vital that you work alongside an experienced design company and printing company to help you put together a marketing campaign, from brochures and leaflets to billboard design and billboard prints.

Contact the print, branding and design experts today and be well on your way to print marketing success!

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