Why you Should Choose Print for your Marketing Strategy

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Why you should choose print for your marketing strategy

Would you consider developing your very own print publication for your business? It may be the digital age, but this print marketing tactic is a strategy that many innovative and forward-thinking companies have invested in.

Print Marketing in the Digital Age

Airbnb and Uber, two renowned online businesses, have taken to print marketing. With the rise of the internet came the need for content. The internet gave businesses the tools to communicate with their clients, share information, and market their brand to a mass audience. Therefore, you will often hear marketers say,  Content is king!

But with this surge in online content marketing, came irritation. Pop-up adverts, sponsored ads, spam emails  they become overwhelming and simply annoying to the viewer. So much so, that we have become blind to this kind of marketing. This phenomenon is known as banner blindness learn more here.

Forward thinking companies picked up on this, and realised that thinking out of the box in terms of marketing, means going back to traditional marketing. This is where print comes in. And, consumers love print.

If you want to create a great customer experience, then print is your go-to medium. The goal of content marketing is to develop a loyal, and trusting relationship with your customer base showing them that you are interested in assisting them, rather than shoving sell-sell-sell down their throats. On a psychological level, human beings have a much deeper connection to print than to digital media. This is because print is tangible, and is an emotive experience. Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institution has stated, More and more, people are actively choosing to unplug, or disconnect themselves from digital media?

Plugging In – Plugging Out

Most people will watch a YouTube video, look at their phones, send a WhatsApp and click through to social media notifications at the same time. (Don’t forget the television on in the background). Our attention is always divided when we are online, between our PC, mobile phone, and tablets, we are overwhelmed with information. However, when you are reading a book or a magazine, you are immersed in the content aren’t you? The TV is probably on mute and your phone is charging somewhere. Print media is immersive, we concentrate solely on the content with no other distractions we absorb the information! When reading print, we are more plugged in then we are online.

When it comes to your marketing strategy, you want to create a deep connection with prospective and current clients, as well as employees and industry leaders.

Take Uber’s magazine, Momentum, as an example. This publication is targeted to its drivers. This kind of marketing shows that the employees of Uber are valued.

Then there is Airbnb and their publication, Pineapple. This magazine is a lifestyle magazine, embracing the brand identity and philosophy of the business as a lifestyle experience.

In summary, print publications or print newsletters are a gift to your clients, prospective clients and employees .


If you are looking to be noticed, invest time in your marketing strategy. Combine strategic digital marketing with traditional marketing and your brand will become easily recognisable and trusted. It all comes down to targeting and creativity.

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