Learn from these 10 Inspiring Poster Designs

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Learn from these 10 inspiring poster designs

What does it take to design a successful poster print design? Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most inspiring examples of creative poster design, from modern documentary film posters to advertisements from the 1800s, these artworks are truly printspiring.


This poster for the anticipated Iris film has been described as one of the best film posters of all time. It was designed by Gravillis Inc. and perfectly captures the essence of the fashionista herself. The bold, eye-catching print brackground, with its bright patterns, contrasted against the black and white portrait of Iris is inspired. Such a simple concept, executed flawlessly.

It is simply, beautiful.


What would a poster design blog be without at least one poster referencing a comic book or graphic novel? Lover of comic, graphic designer Gregoire Guillemin spends a lot of time designing posters inspired by his favourite characters.

What sets his designs apart from the masses of super hero inspired imagery, is that his designs have a minimalist, modern aesthetic. With modern elements juxtaposed with elements of vintage poster design, Guillemin’s work is truly individual and inspired.


The design of this poster is simply awesome – every designers visual dream. The designer of this poster took a risk by combining multiple visuals in a single poster design.

The artist made use of multiple stills from the film to create an almost “stained glass” look and feel. The illustration, combined with the aesthetic of the stained glass, makes for an eye-catching piece of art.


Graphic designer and renowned illustrator, Peter Stults, is the man behind this retro poster. The poster series he put together explores the concept of “What If.” That is, “what if “the films we have all become familiar with, were actually made in a different era?

Who would be the directors of these films? Who would star in them?

This Drive poster is a fan favourite. How epic would James Dean be in this film?!

Harpers Bizarre

Edward Penfield designed 75 posters for Harper’s Bizarre magazine during the 1800s. And get this, it was actually during a school exhibition that Penfield’s work was recognised by the Harper’s Bizarre art editor, and the rest is history!

When it comes to the history of poster design, Penfield has to be mentioned. He is a master of the art of graphic design.


Henri Privat-Livemont is the Belgian artist behind this gorgeous Art-Nouveau print advert for Absinthe. In the late 19th Century, lithographic printing took off, and at the same time, Absinthe was at the height of its popularity.

Lithographic printing became essential to marketing products, and Absinthe quickly jumped on board this new marketing trend, and created magnificent campaigns.

The NeverEnding Story

If you grew up in the 90s, you certainly remember the magical film that was The NeverEnding Story. With the iconic film came an iconic poster that perfectly captured the magic of the story line.

Renato Casaro designed the films poster using a bit of airbrushing and tempera on cardboard. The result was exquisite.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has quickly become one of the world’s most popular television series. The poster, designed by Kyle Lamber, has quickly become a modern classic. Stranger Things took the world by storm when it was released in 2016 – and the poster certainly grabbed attention.

The poster perfectly sums up the premise of the series. Its sci-fi design, mixed with retro styling, definitely tells the audience what to expect when they press play.

This poster is perfectly reminiscent of the hand painted posters of the past, much like The NeverEnding Story poster design.

The Moulin Rouge

Designed by French artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, this poster perfectly captured the essence of the Moulin Rouge.

The cabaret club commissioned Toulouse-Lautrec to create a series of poster designs, this one being the most popular, and most collected. The poster features well-known Moulin Rouge performer La Goulue, and her dance partner Valentine Le Desosse. The dark colours emphasise the elegance of the club, while the dancer kicking provocatively, highlights the fun that is the Moulin Rouge.

It Follows

An ultra-paranoid tone, combined with the horror aesthetic of the 80s, this film poster is particularly powerful and visually stimulating, showcasing the cinematography and style of the film. The print was designed by Akiko Stehrenberger, who was clearly inspired when creating it.

What makes this poster so refreshing is its deviation from modern day horror posters that try to be as ominous and dark as possible. This posters aesthetic is anything by dark, and takes us back to vintage horror/thriller posters reminiscent of The Thing and North by Northwest.

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The role of the poster continues to evolve to meet the ever changing trends in design and society. The poster continues to flourish. playing a pivotal role in advertising, film, events, music, and marketing.

If you are thinking about creating an awesome print marketing campaign, why not invest in posters? Your poster needs to reflect your brands message, tell your story, and catch the eye of your audience. It is vital that you work closely with an experienced design and printing company to assist you in putting together the ultimate poster, one that will get your clients and potential clients talking.

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