Stand Out with Smart Marketing: Branding and Printing Company Tips

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Stand out with smart marketing

Whether you are an accountant, social media manager, business manager or technician, one thing is certain – you have loads of competitors. Every business does. There are a multitude of businesses that offer similar services to you, so how do you take your business to the next level? How do you stand out in an over-saturated market? As a leading branding and printing company, we investigate how you can stand out with smart marketing.

The bottom line is that you can’t expect to be viewed as an industry leader by using the same marketing strategy as everyone else. Before you are able to transform your business, you need to transform your marketing strategy.

How to distinguish yourself from the competition in 3 strategic steps, from your trusted branding & printing company:

  • Be Precise about your Target Market

The more people you appeal to, the better your marketing strategy, right? That way you will make more money and see massive return on investment? No! Stop! This is a common marketing mistake. Your potential clients are not looking for generalists. They are looking for an industry authority. They are looking for a company that has knowledge and experience to assist them.

Be precise about the clients that you aim to serve. Make sure that this is made clear in your marketing materials, website, and social platforms.

This takes us to…

  • Establish yourself as an industry authority

Your specialty and and that of your competitor may be identical, so how do you stand out? You need to demonstrate your expertise and give your potential clients a reason to contact you.

Create a once off offer that no one can say no to. This shows your target market that you know what they need, and what they want. Get word out through promotional flyers, brochures, and digital marketing. Once you have their attention, your company name will be remembered.

Another way to establish yourself as an industry authority is to post regular thought-leader articles to your website. Share these articles on your social platforms or via an email marketing campaign. By providing your clients with information they need, and assisting them through informative articles, you quickly establish yourself as the leader in your industry.

This is when communication comes into play…

  • Build Strong Relationships with Potential Clients

Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t just cut off communication with a client simply because they made a single purchase. And definitely don’t continue conversation with them by sending spam-like information to their email or to their front door. The latter makes them resentful while the former ensures that your business fades into the background.

Smart communication is key to establishing a solid relationship with your clients and potential clients. Develop a monthly emailer or direct mail campaign that contributes to the readers life in some way. Make these communications entertaining and informative – complete with a strong call to action.

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