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Powerful print marketing platforms

Print marketing is a great way to showcase your brand and business offerings. We may live in the digital age, but print is still an incredibly influential marketing platform. Of course, digital marketing is an effective method of advertising, but it can’t cover all bases.

If you are meeting with a potential client, you need to leave your contact details with them. This is when business cards become vital. If you are decorating your store, you need to fit it with eye-catching branding. This is where branded wallpaper, canvas prints, and banners become vital. We need print marketing to make an instant impact!

Work with your professional printing company and digital agency to create a multi-channel marketing strategy and take your branding to new heights. With print and digital marketing working side by side, you have the ability to reach multiple touch points and finally cover all bases in regards to your marketing.

Here, we take a look at 5 powerful print marketing platforms.

Business Cards

A business card goes a long way. Business cards are a recognizable, traditional marketing platform, allowing you to leave your clients with a memento of your business. A little reminder of your business that fits perfectly in their wallet. Business cards also allow room for creativity. Don’t feel hindered by their size.

Take a look at our recent article which provides business card design printspiration: here.


Brochures are an effective print marketing tool, created to inform your target audience and promote your business offerings. A glossy, well-designed brochure is a great way to educate your clients and potential clients about your products or services. To create a successful brochure campaign, you need to work with an experienced graphic designer and professional printing company. They will ensure you receive a quality end-result.

Take a look at these top tips for creating a successful brochure: here.


Banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes, are fully customizable and offer durability. This print marketing tool is versatile and can easily be transported from location to location. Banners can be used for meetings, exhibitions, store fronts, or public events.

When it comes to your banner design and banner printing, invest in a high quality product. Work with a professional printing company to ensure the ultimate banner for your business. Jetline offers a variety of banner printing options, from arc banners to pull up banners.

Learn more about our banner offerings: here.


Eye-catching and well-designed billboards ensure brand recognition. Your audience can’t exactly ignore billboards easily, they can’t click them away, or switch them off. Successful brands from around the world invest in this kind of marketing, from Guess and Nike to Coca-Cola. These world-renowned brands follow you around wherever you go. If your goal is to get noticed and leave an impact, billboard marketing is must.

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Building Wraps

Building wraps are basically supersized outdoor banners. They offer high impact marketing as they cover entire buildings or part of a building. Their incredible visual dominance makes them one of the most effective marketing platforms. They have the power to re-enforce your business to the masses and attract attention.

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