Print Marketing Campaigns that Will Make you Smile

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Print marketing campaign that will make you smile

From brochures to billboard prints, developing a marketing campaign that grabs the eye of the consumer is not an easy undertaking.

The recipe for witty adverts? Smart humour, creative thinking, a dash of risk, and a touch of playfulness. Let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious, smart, and witty print marketing campaigns. Time for a dose of printspiration!

Print Marketing to Make you Smile

Bad Hair Day

This smart advertising campaign uses the power of the surrounding environment to convey a simple message in an artful way. The models hair appears to be blowing in the wind created by the train as it speeds by. This simple imagery is interactive, emotive, relatable, and quirky. It makes the audience smile, and because of this it creates a joyful brand experience.

An Apple a Day

How adorable is this? When it comes to creating a witty campaign there are two elements to take into consideration: the visuals and the written word. When it comes to intelligent humour these two elements need to be intricately combined. This advert gives the audience a powerful visual – providing them with the pleasure of recognising a likeness between two separate things, in this case the apple meets the whale.

Other examples from this creative campaign include:

Zebra Crossing

Smart humour draws the eye of the audience, engaging them, inviting them to doubt or question their perceptions of the environment surrounding them. In this smart print campaign, the Bronx Zoo – the cityscape is combined with the imagery of wildlife. Urban textures take center stage in this campaign. This is a powerful advertisement and a memorable marketing campaign, engaging the audience, stopping them in their tracks making sire they notice the global and local environment simultaneously.

Fuming about Exhausts

Wit has the power to make the usual seem new again, while bringing a sense of urgency to what is important. This can be seen in the Ogilvy & Mather Beijing campaign for the World Wildlife Federation. The advertisement used a real vehicle and filled the exhaust of the car with a large, smoggy, black, blow up cloud. This is certainly impactful and immediately leaves an impression. We don’t need to explain what is being said here, it is being announced loudly to the viewer – perfectly.

For the Teenagers

The NHS Trust in Scotland created these quirky “True or False?” book style manuals inspired by the traditional Ladybird hardback books that we all received when learning how to read. However, the content was far from traditional and focused on common questions asked by teens. The format may be disarming with its old world charm, but the content opens your eyes – brutal and direct, in the tone of voice the audience will respond to – their own! Smart, witty, and makes you think…

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