Tips for Creating Memorable Print Marketing Campaigns

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Tips fpr creating memorable print marketing

Print marketing is a powerful business tool. It is becoming even more valuable in the digital age due to its proven success rate when strategically combined with digital marketing. They key here is innovation and creativity.

It comes down to the message, the story you are telling through your print marketing materials. If you want to truly engage and create continued dialogue between your brand and your target market, add a powerful element of interactivity to your design.

There has been a clear shift in the print marketing industry, with brands moving toward interactive, memorable and tactile designs.

See below printspiring interactive campaigns:


Sitting on a smart idea for your city?


New Grip Bottle. Interactive Design.

People’s Choice Awards

Your choice of seat….

Your choice of music…

Tips for Pro Print Campaigns

Don’t get too gimmicky

Don’t jump on an obvious and cheesy idea, one that will make your target market roll their eyes. Your interactive print campaign needs to be dynamic, and work in-line with the specific message you want to get across. Take IBM for example. The tag line of their campaign (as seen above) is: “Sitting on a smart idea for your city?” This is quirky, and smart, as the functional billboard doubles as a bench.

This embraces the message that the company wants to get across. This print marketing campaign is definitely memorable, without being cheesy and overly gimmicky.

Add an Unexpected Twist

Try to add something unexpected to the mix to convey several layers of meaning and storytelling. Today, a human element is vital to advertising. We are no longer talking “at” the audience, rather, we are conversing with them and creating a continued dialogue.

The trick here is to combine a strong communication strategy peppered with a personal approach. The People’s Choice Award print campaign (above) asks the target market a question – continuing conversation about the brand and the awards show.

Back to Basics

Strip your campaign message down to the bone. Try to describe it in a single word or image. Once you begin brainstorming and putting together the fleshed out campaign, go back to this and make sure you are on the right track. If you find that your strategy starts to stray from your core message – start over!

Work Closely with your Printing Company

When conceptualising your print marketing campaign, speak to your printing company for advice. Find out about the printing processes that bring your concept to life and find out which finishing’s will enhance your design and not distract from it.

Print Materials

Be precise when choosing your print materials, paper and finishes. It is important to note that colour can change and certain materials can break in certain conditions. Precision is vital – a simple millimeter can make all the difference. Again, this is why it is important to work alongside a professional and experienced printing company. Every element, no matter how seemingly small, needs to be taken into consideration.

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