Branded Wallpaper and Branded Building Wraps for your Business

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Branded wallpaper and branded building wraps for your business

There are a multitude of options when it comes to marketing your business through print. From billboards and posters to vehicle wraps, the options are endless. Today, we take a closer look at the powerful benefits of branded building wraps.

What are Branded Building Wraps?

Building wraps are supersized outdoor banners designed for maximum impact. They are enormous printed graphics displayed on large open spaces such as hallways, large outdoor walls or building scaffolding’s. It is because of their visual dominance that they have become one of the most influential marketing tools – building wraps have the power to reinforce your brand and attract the attention of current clients and potential clients alike.

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Building wraps and custom wallpaper have grown in popularity as businesses recognise their advertising value. Interior branded wallpaper creates a focal point, an interesting way to add character to an otherwise dull space, becoming an excellent conversation starter.

Outdoor building wraps provide advertising that cannot be matched or ignored. This is because building wraps become a recognised part of the community, making your brand a part of the environment it inhabits.

As they are supersized prints, building wraps and branded wallpaper leave room for design creativity. It is no wonder building wraps have become one of the most popular print marketing platforms. By creating attention-grabbing designs for scaffolding’s, walls and buildings, your brand becomes personable and tangible. Through strategic design, this platform tells your brand story and displays your message for all to see and more importantly, remember.

If you are wondering whether or not this will work for your business, we are here to tell you that it will. All types of businesses can make use of building wraps and branded wallpaper, from government institutions and large corporations to boutique fashion stores. It comes down to strategic and smart design.

Strategic and creative building wraps

To create a successful design you need to have a clear understanding of your business message, identify what information you want to share with your target market, and define the single message and purpose of your building wrap.

Your brand colours are a vital part of your brand identity, and although this may seem obvious, it is critical to the success of your campaign. Your building wrap or personalised wallpaper needs to be in-line with your brand colours. It is this cohesive brand representation that establishes trust with your target market, providing them with the visual tools to recognise your brand in the future.

Then it’s time to get creative! Take a look at these imaginative and eye-catching building wraps:

It is all well and good to come up with an over the top design that will grab attention, but what is the point of implementing a marketing campaign of this magnitude without having a clear call to action? By having a visually appealing and strategically placed CTA in your design, you generate leads and begin to engage with current and potential clients.

Call to Action is vital!

How can I use building wraps or personalised wall paper for my business?

There are many ways to incorporate these marketing tools into your advertising strategy:

  • Display your Products

If you have a brick and mortar store, take professional photographs of your product/service offerings and turn them into an eye-catching graphic for your store windows or interior walls.

  • Enhance the Ambiance

Whether you are a Greek restaurant wanting to showcase cultural elements or a PR firm wanting to add a sense of style to your space, personalised wallpaper and building wraps help your clients feel the environment, and gives them an understanding of your brand personality.

  • Revamp your Space

Can’t stand to look at that old paint job anymore? Do you still see traces of the business that had the space before you? Use branded wallpaper to clean up your interior space and a creative building wrap to bring your exterior to life.

  • Get Feet through the Door

If you are located in a busy office district, use a stylish building wrap to let customers and those passing by know that you are there.

Branded Wallpaper and Branded Building Wraps: Jetline Print on Demand

If you would like more information on building wrap printing and design, or personalised wallpaper printing and design, contact the Jetline professionals today!

Time to get branding!

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