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Tips to stand out at your promo event

Exhibitions and promotional stands provide an excellent business opportunity. If done correctly, your exhibition stand will increase your brand awareness, and turn potential clients into clients. So, how can you drive traffic to your stand?

Here are a few promotional and print marketing tools to help your promotional stand, stand out.

Display Stands

Branded display stands will certainly make your business noticeable at an expo or promotional event. Place your product/brochure neatly on your stand instead of stacking them on a trestle table or desk – you want to keep your space as neat and professional as possible. No one is going to want to come through to your stand if its a mess.

Display stands can also be used in-store once your event is over. Ultimately, they are a long-lasting branding investment.

Jetline’s fully customisable display stands are the perfect solution to show off your product. They are easy to assemble, sturdy, and designed to suit your specific branding requirements.

Promotional Tables

Cohesive branding is an important part of marketing and business success. If you have set up a promotional or expo stand, you have to make sure it is well branded. Instead of using a generic trestle table, invest in a branded promo table.

Just like display stands, promo tables are easy to move and can be used in-store or in your office once the expo has finished.

Jetline’s promo tables allow you to customise your display effectively. Speak to our design, printing, and branding experts and take your marketing to the next level!

Table Talkers

Table talkers are not Just effective marketing tools for the restaurant industry. They are an ideal printed product for the expo, retail, or promotional event environment too. Place your table talkers on your promotional stand, or seat your guests at tables with your table talker strategically placed at the center. Your audience is sure to look at it, and interact with the content in front of them.

Table talkers grab attention, and are truly eye-catching and professional branding and marketing tools for your business.

Jetline offers table talkers in a variety of sizes, and they are completely customisable to be printed with your specific design.


Draw your target market to your stand by using branded banners. From x-frame banners to shark fin banners, you have a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to your banner design and banner printing.

Banner Design Styles Include:

• X-frame Banners and Mini X-frame Banners
• Shark Fin Banners
• Roller Banners
• PVC Banners
• Pull-up Banners

Jetline banners are light-weight, easy to assemble, and economical. Chat to one of our printing experts to find out which banner style is best for your brand, and your budget – and what banner style will best suit your expo stand.


Do you really want to grab attention and go beyond traditional banners? Standees are a fun way to grab attention at an expo. They are fully customisable cardboard cut-outs that are designed to suit your specific design requirements.

From life-size printouts of people and products, to smaller printouts of products, logos, or advertisements, Jetline provides the highest quality standees.


You are at an expo, and let’s be honest, you know people expect some sort of freebie! Quick to print, affordable, easy and convenient to transport, stickers and magnets are a fun marketing tool. Hand out stickers and magnets with your promotional materials and product. Make sure they are designed with your logo and contact details to ensure brand awareness.

Stickers are an out of the box way to market your business. Jetline can print in full colour, spot colour, or black and white, printed on vinyl or reversed for windows and glass.

From fridge magnets to car magnets, Jetline can customise and print any magnet with your design – in any size you choose.

Our magnets and stickers are professionally finished to ensure that your brand makes an impact in a unique and creative way!


At Jetline we understand and appreciate the importance of print marketing and printed materials. We have put together print and branding options to suit all budgets. Our team work with you to ensure the ultimate end-result. From business cards to billboards – we offer it all!

Contact our experts today for more information on all your printing requirements.

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