The Perfect Personalised Gifts for the Holiday Season

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Thinking up cool and memorable gifts for the holiday season is what we do best! We have cut through the festive season noise to help you pick out the most personalised, one-of-a-kind gifts. From gorgeous Photobooks to personalised gift boxes that complete the gift-giving experience, we have you covered!

Photobooks: Preserve your precious memories

Why not give your loved ones something personal, long-lasting and one-of-a-kind?

We live in the digital age, and most people are inclined to archive their photos digitally. However, printing photographs and creatively storing them in a gorgeous Photobook is a much more intimate way to hold on to memories.

Jetline’s Photobooks solution gives you the chance to get imaginative and inspired in your gift-giving. With our software, you can effortlessly personalise every single page of your Photobook gift, including the cover. The end-result is bookstore-quality printed Photobooks.

Our Photobooks allow you to capture your cherished memories in a wide variety of styles, themes, backgrounds and formats with a gloss or matt laminated cover, or you can choose our leatherette cover option that comes in black, blue or brown. We have two cover options available; printed covers and leatherette covers.

  • Printed Cover: Fully printed hardcover Photobooks are durable as well as fashionable. They make for a robust and eye-catching cover and offer a great way to present your photos.
  • Leatherette Cover: Leatherette Bound covers are an elegant way to present your Photobook. They are sturdy and long-lasting while adding class to your Photobook presentation.
Calendars: Share your Favourite Memories all Year Long

How about giving your loved ones something they can use 365 days of the year?
We have an impressive range of calendar designs available, and you can even personalise your calendar by adding a different photo for each month of the year, customise your text and add a personalised message!

Perspex Prints: Preserve memories in Perspex

Find your favourite photo and preserve it in Perspex!

Give your loved ones a visually appealing, creative and exciting way to showcase their favourite memories by gifting them with an elegant Perspex print.

Our Perspex print offerings will ensure that your loved ones can display their favourite memories in their home or office, in an eye-catching way, ensuring that their memories are always looked back on fondly.

Canvas Prints: Convey Class on Canvas

Give your loved ones masterpieces this festive season

Canvas prints are fast becoming more popular than framed prints, perhaps because canvas prints have an elegant, modern finish and don’t have the reflective properties of glass in a frame.
Made from printed canvas stretched over a wooden frame, canvas prints can be made to order – think non-standard sizes if that fits better with your decor. Standard sizes range from A4 to A0.

Puzzles: Piece the fun together

Who doesn’t enjoy an interactive, engaging and personalised gift?

This one is not only for the kids but for your loved ones who are a little on the crafty and creative side.

Gift your loved ones with a personalised puzzle made up of the photo or image of your choice! This gift is fun for family get-togethers too! Why not sit down as a group and put the pieces together as you reminisce on the good times and look forward to the new year together!

Gift Boxes: Beautiful Packaging makes it Special

Add even more pizazz to your gift by creating your very own personalised gift box.

Your loved one will recognise the thought and care you put into their gift if you present them with something unique and eye-catching. But wait – there is even more personalisation to be had!

Tags and Stickers: Leave your Mark

Complete your gift by adding your personal touch. Get gorgeous stickers made, in any shape, size and colour and leave your mark!

Creating stickers is quick, easy and affordable and can be done in full colour, spot colour, black and white and can be printed on vinyl or paper! Whatever suits your style!

In Conclusion

It’s that particular time of the year, a time for gift-giving and celebration. And we need to celebrate life with each other more than ever! And Jetline is here to help you celebrate your loved ones in style!

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