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While traditional banners have been around for centuries, it is actually hard to believe that digital banners have only been a part of our lives for 20 years or so. But which form of advertising is more effective?

Because digital banners are online, it is safe to assume they reach more people. But do these people retain the information provided by digital banners? As a professional banner printing company, we unpack the difference between traditional and digital banners.

Recently, a digital marketing phenomena has taken center stage in psychological studies. The phenomena is known as “banner blindess” or “banner noise.” It has been proven that 86% of online consumers suffer from digital banner blindness.

When we are online, we are surfing the net looking for specific information. Or scrolling aimlessly through our social media feed. We are online for a specific reason and because we are focused on a core purpose, we shut down any unnecessary ads that pop-up.

As opposed to the inundation of online banners, traditional banners are placed in areas where we need distractions and something to look at. Take billboards for example. When you are stuck in traffic, you are automatically going to search for something to take your mind off the frustration. This is why billboards and outdoor marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the advertisers arsenal. High quality banner printing, placed strategically in your target markets vicinity will convert leads into sales.

Original, bold and engaging marketing promises recognition from your audience. Traditional printed banners, whether roller banners, billboards or cluster flags, can occupy space in a more creative way. This is because designers have more space to work with than the space given for digital banners. Digital banners are limited in size, and this can quickly minimise the creative process.

This is why the world’s biggest brands invest time and resources into their outdoor marketing. Gucci, Nike and Guess are great examples of this. From building wraps to strategic banners, these brands follow us daily! We always notice and remember them!

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If you are looking to be noticed, invest time in your outdoor marketing strategy. Combine strategic digital marketing with traditional marketing and your brand will become easily recognisable and trusted. It all comes down to targeting and creativity.

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