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Benefits of print marketing

Advertising campaigns that contain both digital marketing and print marketing receive a 25% higher response rate than campaigns that only use digital marketing in their advertising efforts. Print just has certain qualities that the World Wide Web cannot provide.

Below we look at 5 advantages of print marketing.

Print is taken more seriously

Being interviewed for a popular online magazine is awesome, but let’s be honest, it’s definitely a bigger deal for that interview to be showcased in the printed version of the magazine. Why is this? Why would we feel prouder to be featured in print than online? Simply put, anyone can be featured online. And with the sea of content consistently flooding digital platforms, your article will soon be lost in the masses. Print is tangible and offers a sense of “realness” that the web just can’t provide.

As mentioned previously, your article will soon be lost online. However, your printed article will be preserved, tangible, and probably framed in your study for all to see.

Influencers are influenced by print

It has been proven that influencers, the individuals who have the power to influence consumers, are themselves, influenced by print marketing.

61% of influencers are influenced by print magazines, specifically fashion, lifestyle, and business magazines.

53% are influenced by printed newspapers.

And did you know that beauty and fashion magazines now attract 50% more young readers than in 2001! Who said millennials are all about digital and digital alone? Print is their tangible alternative to consistent (and mostly irrelevant) content marketing that they are bombarded with online.

Print readers concentrate on the content

When you are online, you are distracted by a variety of digital information. From social media updates and emails to funny memes and blog posts, the distractions (and open tabs) are seemingly endless. But when it comes to print marketing, readers are focused and stay focused. They don’t have any notifications or sponsored ads to steal their attention.

It has been proven that 85% of the time time a person is reading a print magazine, they are not multitasking. When it comes to print marketing, your audience consumes your campaigns key message, and most importantly, retains your brand message.

Unplugging is all the rage these days

Our world is digital and this can be exceptionally draining. Consistently staring at a computer screen and typing on a smart phone can become tiring quickly. This is why many people are choosing to unplug, even if it’s just for an hour a day.

And it is print that keeps them company during this time. There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee and a magazine to wind down after a long day…

Printing gets you a step ahead of your competitors

All your competitors are marketing themselves online. So how do you stand out in such an over-saturated space? You go old school, you get innovative, you go print. Combining digital marketing and traditional marketing is a sure fire way to excite the consumer.

Marketers today are desperately in need of something ahead of the curve and print marketing is it! From personalised direct mail campaigns to brochures and booklets, you are sure to engage your target market – even directing them to your online platforms through this medium!

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