Dress up (your store) for Valentines Day

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Customise your store to a theme. The branding possibilities are endless!

Jetline offers a variety of retail-friendly branding and merchandising solutions that will make your Valentine’s Day stock stand out. From eye-catching banners to branded kiosk stands, you are sure to grab attention and get heads turning in the right direction.

Flyers & Brochures

V-Day Flyer

These are great tools to showcase your Valentine’s Day offerings. By grouping products together, you’re giving your customers gift ideas for that special someone in their life. Show off products that customers may not have thought of before. Show a creative side to your offerings and help your more clueless customers come up with a thoughtful and unique gift. Flyers and brochures can be done in various sizes and can have any number of pages. If you want to add a touch of sophistication, you can add a unique finish (like a foil for example).


V-Day Wobbler

If you’re a retailer, why not select a few products in your store that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts and use wobblers on the shelves to make these products stand out and grab the attention of your shoppers. Wobblers’ shape and size can be customised, making them fun and creative – heart-shaped wobblers anyone?



Have you ever used stickers on packaging boxes or a tissue paper wrap to keep it closed? If not – you should. Why not get Valentine’s Day themed labels printed – an added extra for your customers to feel special during February. It adds a personal touch to your brand.

We also offer much larger vinyl stickers that can be printed and cut to your specification, for branding purposes. These work beautifully for shop windows. Either use them to liven up your window display or stick them on the window itself to give your store an impactful, yet temporary, Valentine’s Day theme.

A-Frame Sign

a frame sign

Free-standing A-frame signs are a great way to get your Valentine’s Day messaging to the consumer. These can be placed outside of your retail store, showing off your Valentine’s Day promotions, enticing customers to come in. Place one just inside the entrance to remind customers entering your store that they should remember to get something for their special person – and place a message for them to see on their way out of the store on the reverse side. Perhaps something like “Did you remember to get a Valentine’s Day gift?” A-Frame signs are also lightweight and portable, allowing you to spread your message and offerings in various locations – both indoors and outdoors.

Gift Bags and Boxes

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we all know that bolder is better. Custom paper bags and boxes are a great way to add a little something extra to your offerings. Wether it’s using Valentine’s Day bags for the month of February or adding a “gift box” option to the order, you’ll be sure to stand out.
Use branded boxes to create your own Valentine’s Day gift packs. Tip: Interesting gift packs for men are especially hard to find, so why not create something different that sets you apart?




Promote your Valentine’s Day special with this innovative product. If you have a restaurant, advertise your Valentine’s Day menu special. Diners will take note and be sure to book a table for that special date night. The STICK’nGlide® is a creative display that sticks to counter tops and flat surfaces without adhesive. They are easy to move and install, and will not topple over or blow away in the wind, so are great to use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You could also place a STICK’nGlide® on your checkout counters, asking shoppers whether they’ve remembered to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for their special someone.

LAMà® Display


Marin’s™ LAMà® Displays are sure to grab the attention of customers. They’re tall, lightweight and free-standing, so you can place them where they’ll be most visible. They can be completely customised – think giant heart on top with a Valentine’s Day special displayed, larger than life, down the length of the LAMà® Display – passers-by can’t miss it.

Branded Tables


Customise and brand your Valentine’s Day display with our branded table offerings. This eye-catching and stylish branding solution ensures that your customers won’t miss out on any of your Valentine’s Day deals, offerings or products.

LAMà® Kiosk™


LAMà® Kiosk™ Displays are perfect for high-traffic areas in your retail store and by branding your kiosk stand to a theme, you will quickly attract attention to the booth and get customers buzzing about your Valentine’s Day offers.

Hanging Banners


Hanging banners work well for both outdoor and indoor advertising. Our hanging banners are tough enough to withstand consistent use and are a cost-effective marketing option that can be made to your specifications. Hanging banners add a fun flair to any space and can be made in a variety of materials including Fabric, Correx and PVC.
Hanging Banners are visible from a distance, so they’re great for calling attention to your Valentine’s Day display area.

Pull Up Banners


An ideal high impact and portable branding solution, Pull Up Banners are a great Valentine’s Day marketing tool for retail businesses. Cost-effective and eye-catching, our Pull Up Banners are fully customisable to the colour and design of your choice. They’re also easy to store and re-use next year.

Anti-theft sensor covers

anti theft sensor covers

Take something dull and turn it into something beautiful this Valentine’s Day. Add a fun and creative design to make those not-so-attractive (but necessary) security systems stand out with your Valentine’s Day marketing message.

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