Consistency and Brand Management is Key in Competitive Marketing

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Consistency is key in competitive marketing

Abrand is what people think about your business and the impression they have upon seeing or hearing your brand name. It takes time to build a great brand. Building a brand consists of smart strategy, implementation, consistency, and strict brand management.

Coca-Cola: Brand Consistency and Brand Management

Everyone knows Coca-Cola. We instantly recognise the logo, font, and messaging. Did you know that Coca-Cola is actually one of the most widely recognised terms in the world, only eclipsed by the term “Okay?” What is so impressive about the brand is that it has remained almost unchanged since the 1900s. The Coca-Cola red and script font can be recognised worldwide in any language.

Yes, Coca-Cola may have an unlimited marketing budget, but they didn’t always have this luxury. If it wasn’t for their commitment to brand consistency and brand management they would never have reached this level of success.

Maintaining brand consistency has been vital to Coca-Colas continued success. Coca-Cola even spends more budget on their branding every year than Microsoft and Apple combined! This kind of dedication to brand management extends through every part of their marketing strategy, from billboards and brochures to packaging and social media marketing.

So how important is brand consistency and brand management to your business?

Brand Consistency Manages Consumer Perception of your Business

By thinking deliberately and strategically about your brand, you have the power to shape people’s perceptions of your business. Through brand consistency and brand manage you instantly portray purpose, stability and professionalism.

Brand Consistency Portrays your Personality

Identify your brand message and brand voice. Make sure to keep your brand personality consistent. By placing focus on brand management of your company’s message, you deliver a specific impression to the consumer. If you keep changing your brand personality, how can you expect the consumer to trust your business? Stand for something, and keep standing for it.

Brand Consistency Protects your Investment

Many businesses spend thousands on logo design and building a specific brand message only to have this message and image degraded through sloppy implementation. This makes a brand look untrustworthy and unprofessional. Invest in a brand management solution that ensures this sloppy application doesn’t happen. Invest in your brand!

The Jetline Brand Management Portal

Jetline recognised a gap in the market for an effective, advanced, easy to use brand management solution. Thus, the Brand Management Portal (BMP) was created.

BMP is a fully rounded system that works as a digital style guide. It maintains your brand information and brand guidelines, ensuring brand consistency across all your marketing and corporate materials.

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